peas and petrified carrots

when i was a little girl i had all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to avoid eating green beans. from pretend falling asleep at the table to hiding them in my glass of milk. i was relentless. and to this day i've never met a green bean that i like.
max unfortunately has the same picky palate i had...only for whatever reason he really loves peas. he's surely not my son. but a sure-fire veggie around here is carrot sticks. he will gobble them up without any guff. he loves them! or so i thought....

the other day he came up to me with his slide whistle box and a confession. he's been stuffing his carrots in the box for months now.
inside was a treasure trove of little petrified carrots.
 (i guess he's mine after all)
my inner 6 year old was so proud of his cleverness.
of course, the slide whistle box! they never would have seen it coming.
but the difference between me and max is that i was quite comfortable with the guilt and the lies. it consumes him though and he always ends up letting me in on his deceit...whether it's hidden candy under his pillow, no underwear or socks on the way to school, or now gross old carrots in the slide whistle box.


  1. I love this! What a sweet (and clever!) soul.

  2. I discovered a crack fixed with tape in the car box lid last night. My 9yo filled with guilt confessed, and pointed out he had broken the bottom too. Oh the relief on his face now his guilt has been absolved. I had to smile to myself ever so quietly.

  3. "i was quite comfortable with the guilt and the lies" ha! i'm with ya on that one!!

  4. Very smart kid you have on your hands there! You gotta watch out for the smart ones.

  5. He even picked a beautiful vintage box to store them in. You're little artist...(:


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