candy coated rain drops

today has been a rainy one. and i fall for a good and purposeful spring rain every single time!
i love how it makes it seem like everything is in motion...how the ground ripples and still branches drip. the air smells lively and you find bits of green popping up in the oddest places.
today the wet hem of my pants told tales of a lady on the move, rain or shine!
or a gal that's too short for her britches.
 and although today has been a little hectic and busy and wet, i'm still reeling from the fullest and most beautiful weekend i had...
i laid in bed last night exhausted and inspired...cheeks still numb from all the laughing that went on. i have lots of good pictures to share...
i also chopped up some bangs on saturday. who knows how these things happen.... 
all i know is i walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and walked out with a fist full of hair and instant regret. they're growing on me. but for now, i feel 12 again. and maybe that's not such a bad thing.
it did me some good when i dared max to puddle jump with me after school. 
to which he replied.."i don't want to get my pants wet". 
 happy spring time monday, friends!
this is happening on my porch right now. swoony rain, colorful pastels, and my guy.
he's a real dream boat to me...



  1. the instant regret happens to all of us that chop their own bangs but they grow on you! i am sure though you looks SUPER cute with them!


  2. Well, I don't know that I've ever seen you in britches! At least not since roughly 1988.

    ps - Love the fringe.

    "18 again!" ;)

  3. I adore your pants. =)

  4. I do that to my bangs to. Last year when we were living in the philippines, I was so flustered with them on a super hot day...I didn't wait for them to dry after my bucket shower to cut them....then they dried a whole half inch shorter. That said, your bangs look beautiful and lovely.....it looks like you cut yours in the right state of mind. :) A very smart idea.

  5. Dreamboat indeed. You are both dreamy. Don't ever stop being who you are cause 12 yr old bangs and all...you are the real deal. xoxoxo♥

  6. ooh, bangs! you look smashing already; no warming up required.

    ps love the umbrella!

  7. Oh rainy days! My flowers are thriving. But, my soul is not! A girl needs a little sunshine!

  8. damn! i am starting to feel a little stalker-rific, but i love your blog and think you are so precious; just keep coming back.


  9. i'm really resisting the urge i have to cut my bangs again.

    awesome trousers and umbrella.

  10. I love your pants : ) Perfect for puddle jumping!


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