easter parade

we're getting into the holiday spirit around here!
max is teetering dangerously close to disbelief in the easter bunny...or any other character that breaks into his house at night. i'm hoping to go out with a bang this year...regardless of whether i know what that means or not. but surely it consists of one of those huge, 3 feet tall, pre-packaged easter baskets at the grocery store.
(i always begged for one of those when i was little)
 and now that i think about it, most of my parenting has been guided by things i romanticized or thought to be wonderful when i was a little girl. she is still very much apart of me.
anyways, i guess that's why i love being a mama so much and getting to recreate the best parts of growing up.

sunday i took easter pictures for two of the sweetest little dapper fellas.
i would give anything to get max into such hats or suspenders....

is there anything better than baby toes?
i'm not convinced...


  1. Oh my!!! That baby in the basket. Too much cuteness to take in.

  2. So very sweet : ) I love your baby in a basket : ) ADORABLE!

  3. oh, to gush over all your photos. simply beautiful.

  4. Nope. Nothin better than those baby toes. Mmmmmhmmmmm! Please try, try, try to get your boy into an outfit like that and make it into an ALL day photo shoot JUST FOR ME! ♥ Swoon.

  5. I do that too, do things for my girl that I loved as a child. I stepped it up this week though, as I signed her up for pony camp. Her very own horse, for a whole week! I have to admit, I am slightly jealous. I want to go to pony camp too.

    Great post!

  6. this post couldn't have come at a better time as i just impulsively bought a pair of suspenders for cameron (or maybe haley, we'll see who they fit better). i feel a bit mean doing this to my girls, but aside from baby toes... suspenders are the next best thing.

    these pictures are absolutely lovely, katie! i am sure their mama is all sorts of smiles over them <3

  7. those images tug at my heart!! so wonderful!

  8. Oh my! Those pictures! So darling.


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