humming along

it's hard to catch your footing after life changes its tune on you. and truthfully, i've felt a little off step throughout most of it. i've saved face by rocking back and forth...swaying and spinning to a unfamiliar yet beautiful new song. 
but yesterday tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me just how far we've come...how much we've grown through these clumsy steps.
 yesterday reminded me that the second you let go you can find your rhythm.
 then max reminded me that it's okay to be clumsy still...
that we surround ourselves with amazing people who will hold your hand and sway with you a while when that rhythm is hard to find.
he and matt both remind me that life can be oh so good...full and lovely...when you stop dragging your feet and learn to glide with your ebb and flow.

on a more personal note: many of you have been following me before and throughout the process of my marriage ending and the rebuilding after. i haven't spoken much on it for a few reasons...but mainly because this place was my escape from all of that. 
looking back from where i'm standing now, i wish i would have been more open with my struggles and triumphs...knowing each and every one of them were purposeful and putting words to them could have been a help to myself or others.
i still get emails asking about my experience, and i would love to devote a blog post to the subject. 
if any of you have any questions or thoughts on my experience with divorce, co-parenting, or new relationships i would be honored to address them. 
i know it can be a touchy subject, and this goes without saying...but just in case, please be kind with your questions.



  1. Thank you for such a lovely post. I'm sorry to say that my life is in the process of losing it's rhythm right now. I know it will be back but it is hard to remember that sometimes. It's wonderful to hear from someone who has been through it and come out okay on the other side.

  2. so much light in this post...both in the sun-drenched photographs and your grace-filled words.

    someone i love dearly is navigating these very waters right now, and i would love your insight on how to be a comfort and a help.

    thank you, katie.

  3. Sharing the struggle is redemptive and I love you for your willingness. I look forward to the way you'll cast some hazy, lovely warm-warm light on getting from there to here.

  4. You inspire. ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. You inspire me. So much. I am so happy you share your world with us. I've been reading for such a long time, and I've always admired you dearly. <3

  6. thank you for sharing this. so happy that you seem to have found a beautiful, new happiness. here's to us all finding our rhythm again - over and over as need be.


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