lost and found

 it's been a hectic few days.
the kind where in the middle of finishing a down to the wire work deadline and hunting down the dead animal smell in your son's room (which turned out to be old pee in the art room trash can....ack! boys!), a sweet little lost puppy gets dropped off at your house in loo of the pound.
the timing is terrible...and our "under constant construction" house is no place for a dog...but those lost puppy eyes have a way of persuading. 
and max is beside himself over his new friend.
 there's something magnetic between a boy and a dog. 
and these two have been rolling and running and nuzzling and fast friending.
max knows we're trying to find her her old home or a new one, but he decided to name her bailey/pup pup/kira/margret while she's vacationing.
for how long we're still not sure...
but having her has mixed things up in the best way around here...and we almost had forgotten about the pee incident upstairs.


  1. i want to eat that strawberry! good luck with the dog... it looks pretty cute.

  2. Aww! Did someone just leave her in your yard? Sadness. Love all the names!
    And pee! Boys and their pee. I can not keep a bathroom fresh around here to save my life. Thankfully, no trashcan incidents. I might become a monster mom in that case. Eek!

  3. Boys will pee anywhere and everywhere except the toilet! I'm having a giveaway on my blog. I'd love to have you stop by!

  4. A car full of girls pulled up and asked if we were missing a dog...and if not would we take this little pit bull puppy. Matt is a sucker for pits and I am a sucker for puppies. Haha
    she has no tags but painted nails. Oh dear. Fingers crossed we can get her home soon.

  5. You should keep her. I believe that there are blessings in diguise. Maybe that's just what she is.

    Plus, she can come have dates with Trip.

  6. she is a pretty girl! our pup is still lost, but this gives me a some hope that maybe she was scooped up somewhere by another loving family. that's funny about the toenails, i only know one dog that gets their toe nails painted and she is rotten! ;)

    what will yall name her?

  7. Cute! You should see if she has one of those implantable id tags..that might help.

  8. Oh Katie that dog is adorable. You're going to have a hard time pulling those two apart!

    And I cracked up thinking about Max peeing in a trash can!! Oh noo!!

  9. Yes definitely check her for a micro-chip, that's pretty common these days... Otherwise go old fashioned with lost/found posters on every telephone pole lol!!

    She looks sweet and will be a big girl!! Much luck!

  10. what a perfect, plump strawberry sitting there like a gift. love.

    i harbor such fond memories of our childhood dog (casper)...perhaps bailey/pup pup/kira/margaret will decide to stay long term? :)

  11. aw! max is probably in love with that dog. boy and dog, you are right... they go hand in hand.

    i have a two-year-old daughter and a lab/mix/pound puppy. lucia talks to her like she is a sibling; it is pretty adorable.

    blessings to you.

  12. i'll have to stop by with a veggie lasagna and milkbones before this "vacation" is over :)


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