old friends

growing up the youngest amongst 3 of the most marvelous girls, inside and out, that you'll ever care to know had its obvious downsides. aside from the crowded bathroom and stealing clothes, the bar was set pretty high by the time i came around. and finding a separate identity or creating a space of my own from my older sisters, early on ,seemed like an up hill battle.
but sitting here as an adult lady now, i'm basking in the fullness of how i am my sisters. how they have been my muses all along. how i've desperately stolen their best and most beautiful qualities to try and pass off as my own. and how i wouldn't have it any other way.
this weekend was a thumping reminder of that...and it also reminded me of how much my sister's friendships with other gals stuck with me too.
 my oldest sister robyn and her friends taught me how to dance and sing and listen to scandalous music, like milli vanilli or warrant. angie and her friends taught me how to write and create and tape record fake radio p.s.a's or clorox commercials. and amy and her's taught me how to laugh and be uninhibited...to take pictures and see life differently and get into all sorts of wild mischief. 
two of those friends were the garber sisters, shannan and keisha. they were a constant in our house growing up...they were sweet and beautiful and wildly entertaining and inspiring to me. 
and over time that has only gotten stronger.
on saturday night, all of my muses were gathered together for the first time in maybe 20 years? maybe more?  the stratton and garber sisters painted the town. it was a last minute, slapped together, reunion over gigantic cups of coffee and cake that left my sides aching from laughing and my heart thumping from the truth that old friendships are effortless.
 we're all adults now, with babies and jobs and husbands and responsibilities and stresses and struggles. but it was really something to put that all aside for a few hours and be reminded of where we all started...why we are the way we are...and who will still be there when it's all said and done.
and in true stratton/garber fashion, we closed the place down and got into a little mischief before the night was over.


  1. i just love your blog. it is inspiring and calming a hundred times over.

  2. Lifelong friends (or as Anne Shirley would call them, kindred spirits) are, for sure, the very best kind aren't they?

    I read about your evening over on Shannan's blog last night and admitted to her that I've been a semi-longtime reader of yours but I don't know that I've ever commented. Shame, shame on me. I do love the tales you tell of your little family and your pictures are always a magazine worthy kind of pretty.

  3. This is just as lovely as the day is long. I feel your words today as I have just brought into the world a third daughter just two weeks ago. I love how you talk about finding your own way in a household full of three girls. I wish this same for my sweet daughter Amelia, that she will be the best of her two older sisters and a woman in her own way when she grows and leaves our nest. What a lovely gift of words you leave for your friends and sisters here. Smiles.

  4. Oh, this was just the treat I needed right about now. I still find myself remembering little gems from that night. :) You captured the evening in the loveliest way that only you could! and I'm smiling over how we memorialized some very similar things in pictures. (Only, WHERE was that "mind the art" sign? Swoon. And the games!!!)

  5. Hey girl! I'm your newest follower and I'm an Ohio mama, too!! Do me a solid and come follow me?? Thanks chica!

    Lindsey :)

  6. this made me miss my sisters and old friends even more... in a good way though.

    mischief makes for the best memories.

  7. I love this post so much, and I especially loved your description of how your sisters have molded you into the woman you are! Bits and pieces from all the women in your life, that is such a beautiful way to look at everything.

    Sigh. Your words are my favorite! I am SO SO glad I came upon your blog. (I may say that from every comment) ...or at least think it. ;)

    I hope you have the most splendid weekend ever.


  8. Hi,
    I just found your blog yesterday, and have already lost a few hours absorbed in it.
    Your post about sisters is lovely. I have one sister, eight months ago she had a beautiful baby, who has bought us even closer. I am blessed to have a fabulous family both old (mine) and new (my husbands) and it is lovely to read about someone who loves family just as much as me.
    Lots of love
    Joanna x
    (from Sussex in the UK)

  9. love. love. love... the truth which speaks depths into my soul and emotions in my heart as i read this post and your words "and old friendships are effortless." praise God i know the rarest form of effortless friendships with my amy girl.


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