new songs for old friends

a real dapper fella from my past was in town from chicago this week.
jason lived down the street from us growing up and was friends with my sister robyn. he was the very first person i had ever seen dye their hair black, and i thought he had to be the coolest/edgiest person i'd ever laid eyes on.
not much has changed, aside from the hair color. jason is a handbag designer, contributor for apartment therapy, avid bow tie wearer, the sweetest spirit you'll ever meet, and still just as cool as i remembered him to be.
we all went out for lunch at the 2nd street market to catch up and tell funny stories over spring rolls and lemonade. then we sealed our new found friendship with whoopie pies.
 between this and reconnecting with these gals, i'm sitting here amazed at how time can pass and memories can be few and faded...but that our souls are all laced up by the same small stretch of road that tethers us back together again.
and that's something to celebrate...


  1. i love a man that wears bowties.
    he has such great style.
    looks like a wonderful day spent.
    oooh man..those woopie pies look delicious.
    now i must go work out.. :P

  2. a handbag designer and he works for apartment therapy?! wow, you're a good friend picker!!

  3. Totally remember that face!! One of the several Jasons of Newton... (:

  4. Old new friends are always so exciting! I'm jealous of the whoopie pies too!

  5. I took an almost identical photo of the lady at the Thai place! :) Your day looks like the bee's knees. I just knew the two of you would cut a rug! ;)

  6. Love reminiscing with old friends! And eating colorful desserts :)

  7. I need to find a friend that wears bow ties.... Just too freaking adorable! And you too. ;)

  8. Your friend is indeed very dapper. Love the photos, as always. Do you use photoshop at all? I'm just wondering how you get those lovely pastel tones in your photos... x

  9. Spending the afternoon with the two of you was absolutely delightful! Looking forward to part 2 today! J*

  10. umm those whoopie pies are like the prettiest things i've seen all week. mmm

  11. I found your blog through Sometimes Sweet earlier this week and read about 5 pages of your archives and have been hooked on each new update since. You're fabulous!

    Also, those woopie pies look DELICIOUS! The sprinkles are such a cute addition :).



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