rainy day list

rainy spring tuesdays are for:
-being inspired by easter eggs and dressing accordingly 
-using an umbrella to get to the car only to dump all the collected rain water from the umbrella on your lap while trying to get situated in your seat.
-hard boiling eggs for painting and cracking every single one
-sneaking a moment with your guy to lay around and listen to the thunder
-discovering you have all the ingredients to make a carrot cake AND icing without one run to the market.
-having to patch together said cake with icing after you ripped it to shreds dislodging it from the pan.
-getting your guys in on the icing
- rationing the icing after eating too much
they also are for supporting sweet friends. 
my kimmy's blog, pearlie pink, is up for top kid style blog on circle of moms!
head over that direction and show her and her little ladies some love...and by love i mean votes...

happy happy tuesday!


  1. i love cooking or baking when it is raining outside! especially LOVE making soup! one of my favorite things to make and eat!

    side note: your outfit of what i can see of it is soooo amazing! i love everything bit of the color and pattern combination! you have such wonderful style!


  2. it's been all sunshine over here- our little pup plumlee came back, my flip flop tan is making an early appearnce, and YOU.. my sweet katie and this kind post! thank you a ton for mentioning our tiny space... you are such a treasure to us! <3

    ps- hard-boiled eggs. UGH! i think i will follow your lead and just dress the part instead.

  3. i'm hoping to make (and dye) some hard-boiled eggs this weekend. but now carrot cake sounds more enticing.

    your zigzag top is perfect.

  4. Good job baking mama! Wish we could bake together!

  5. Sometimes Sweet pointed me in your direction, and I'm glad she did -- love your blog.

    Funny story. I made a carrot cake a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday and ended up busting one of the layers, too! I wonder if it's unique to carrot cakes ... haha.

  6. i LOVE this. such adorable photos!

  7. Your cake looks absolutely scrumptious!


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