school on a rope

one of the most remarkable things about my relationship with matt is the fact that we can work together creatively. we trust each other, and our collaborative paintings (where we both touch and paint the same piece) takes a whole lot of it.
last friday evening a painting matt and i were commissioned to do was given to its new owner. 
we were invited to come bid it farewell at a big bash celebrating the 50th anniversary of a early education school in the area, where our painting was given as a gift to the founders.
we had an amazing time, but i can't tell you the how vulnerable the whole experience was. the painting was kept under wraps and unveiled in front of a room full of artists and musicians and talented people of all walks. geesh. 
 the inspiration for the piece was the school itself, which follows the reggio emilia approach, the journey the school has taken in 50 years (when it started in a little cabin), as well as the journey the little ones take from the safety of the school into the world. we wanted it to be personal, happy, child-like, and nature-invoking.

it was a beautiful evening...and a real treat to get to do something so adult for a change.
but my favorite part is that matt and i got to do it together.


  1. thats so wonderful Katie! looked like a thrilling evening and you two make such beautiful things together!

  2. That is beautiful! It made me a little teary eyed, actually.

  3. I love how laid back and happy Matt looks in all his pictures. Is he always like that?

  4. What a beautiful thing...painting and your relationship. Well done.

  5. they best have adored it! bravo! and i herby present to you cutest couple of the year award.

  6. New reader here!

    I gotta say, that painting is absolutely stunning and Matt's dreads are a gorgeous force to be reckoned with! Gives me hope for my fluffy babies :P

  7. Oh my gosh, your painting is absolutely beautiful xxx


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