raise your joys

we spent the day with family yesterday, and soaking up the easter miracle of getting to have max for a few hours from his dad's. 
it was something we originally weren't expecting and made my day! deep down, regardless of the celebrating early, i was crushed at the thought of eastering without my guy.

after that i didn't even notice all the rain or subsequently, my frizzy wet hair.
everything was laughter and good food and butter cookies and that sense of feeling complete in all ways. full belly and stuffed heart.
my mom pulled out a handful of my grandma's old aprons, and i watched my all of my sisters scoot around the kitchen, laughing and making lunch together. it just might be my favorite new memory.
 (although picking max up from his dad's yesterday morning with wild bed head, church clothes on, and chocolate smeared all over his face is up there too)
 it was a real swell easter sunday.

and here's a little something extra for you...
happy monday, friends!
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. 
and a extra special thank you again to all you sweet new friends for leaving me such love and kindness. 
you guys are really really something...


  1. You look gorgeous with those blooms in your hair! Sounds like your easter turned out splendidly. x

  2. I am so glad you got to spend some of Easter with max! Oh and you are perfectly lovely in red lipstick :)

  3. stuffed hearts are the best!!! i love your words! it looks like you all had a truly wonderful Easter :-)

  4. What a wonderful, beautiful family you have! Looks like a fantastic Easter celebration. So happy to find your blog today, it is beautiful! :)

  5. way to keep it real, katie. that last photo, haha ;)

    your grandmas apron collection... how very special! i would dance around in those every day if i was your mama.

    i told nick that i want a new apron every mother's day from now on so by the time my kids are ready to be married i can send them off with a collection of their own... and maybe one day my grandbabies will scoot around the kitchen in them. oh, my heart <3 <3 <3

  6. that 'something extra' made my whole evening.

  7. Oh, that something extra made my day!

    And darn it all, I just saw that I stole Marissa's line. Ah, well.

    ps - That there is the most stylish posse of sisters I ever did see.

  8. You are so pretty! I love ALL of these photos!

  9. You look positively lovely, dear <3

  10. beautiful photos! I am a new reader and also came across your blog through reading Danielle's. Looks like you had a wonderful easter x

  11. The flowers in your hair are gorgeous. Great blog!
    xoxo behindthelashes.com

  12. I had the yuckiest of mornings, and this post cheered me right up. Thank Heaven for you + your blog.

  13. You look stunning! And all this red hair makes me very happy. :)

  14. Oh how I love, love, love to see you and your sisters with your mama and Pop. Give them all some love from me. ♥


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