workout katie

here's a side of me you've never seen before...
workout katie. or mom sneakers katie.
either way you choose, this gal is shaping things up and bought the sports socks to prove it.

with all the stresses of the past few years, i've put my body through some wild rides. i've lost and gained weight rapidly, and my poor metabolism is shot.
and while i've never really cared about the extra weight before... to me life's too short...now'a days i feel pretty tired and bogged down.
then the internet told me i was overweight. and there's no way i'm going to set around and let it talk about me that way. 
(but thank it kindly for the motivation)

so for now, it's kale chips over potato.
and drowning myself in glasses of water...
but i'm not ready to talk about the sweets. i'll do anything to keep the sweets around.

this morning i went out for a jog while max paced me on his bike. 
it felt good, and my silly new sneakers were good as gold!

 plus it was nice to have my little guy rooting me on...
it reminded me of the time when max was 2. he woke up and caught me and his dad exercising together...lunging and clapping in unison to a denise austin tape. it terrified him and he spent the rest of our workout weeping quietly behind the couch.
here's to toning it up!
and kissing that mom butt goodbye...


  1. You look fabulous! I would NEVER know you are 'overweight'! I love your blog - keep up the good work both in your writing and in your workout :)

  2. I think you look awesome! But the Denise Austin story? SO funny. Love it.

  3. uh...i think the internet is broken if it said you were overweight.

  4. The internet fibbed! you are gorgeous! But a very inspiring post indeed!
    Glad to be a new follower! =)

  5. the internet has told me that a time or two as well. and since becoming a mom, i have acquired a not-so attractive mom butt. what's up with that? it's like it thinks we need extra cushion or something there? i'm with you the whole way-except along with my sweets that are here to stay, so is my red red wine. but i'll drink water in-between:) your blog never ceases to amaze me with the simple things. be well.

  6. Katie, you're lovely. Internet: give me a break.

    That being said, I like to try and stay in shape but since I've gotten married I've let it slip. I'm doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and I LOOOVE it! I just moved up to level 2 and it is so much fun! Like you though, I'm not willing to peace out the sweets. I need them in my life! Have fun!
    xo Shannon

  7. The internet said I am also overweight...hope that makes you feel better!

  8. The computer told me I was underweight…and I definitely have a pooch and some thunder thighs. Regardless if you are "overweight" or not exercise feels good when the weather is nice!

  9. You look great! But I know all too well the super fluctuation of up + down weights. I actually just blogged about it today actually!

    Super cute photos of you and your little man :)

  10. Great post Katie it made me smile!! You always look fabulous but I wish you luck for toning up! Here's to more beautiful days to run outside:)

  11. you go girl! your sneaks remind me of this commercial that bravo's been running nonstop lately: http://ryka.com/run-with-kelly/

  12. Eek! Okay, lots of important things here. I think I'm about your size (maybe?). I chose medium frame (I suppose I'm not petite bitty framed??) and it told me I was right. So, I think that site is funky. Haha Let's talk in private about this. Message me! ;)
    Also, Denise Austin! Her teeth and wide eyes! But, I used to work out with her when I was 16 and again right after I had Ev. Wish we could go jogging together.
    Uhh, I want those tennishoes. AND, I make kale chips also!

  13. Call me inspired. As for you...I love your gumption but you've got a LOOOOONG way to go before you'd ever be considered "overweight"...you are gorgeous. But, go out there and getcha some Healthy!!!

  14. Go Katie Go! I love these photos and I am super happy you are feeling inspired and ready to "kiss that mom butt goodbye." Although, helloooo you are already SO beautiful and not that I've been looking, but I know I haven't seen any mom-buttage on your blog ;)

    But really, you are gorgeous JUST the way you are. I do know though what you mean about wanting to feel healthy. I'm excited for you! And also- how great to have a "workout Katie" for a mama! Yay for Max!

    Loves <3

  15. Beautiful photos as always! I have always been the biggest anti exercise person you could meet... and then about 3 months ago after also feeling just blah and unmotivated I finally got off my bum and joined the gym. I can honestly say that it is one of the best things I could ever have done for myself!
    Anyway so go you! Exercising in fun ways like bike riding with your kid definitely beats starting at the wall at the gym!

  16. oh, i so wish we lived close so we could work out together. i have put on SOOOO much weight the past 2 years and i want to cry. good luck and WTG!!

  17. you look amazing! i just started an all fruit and veggie diet that will last a week...if i can make it. i just sat down to a nice glass of wheatgrass. sick.
    here's to getting thin! xx

  18. You look skinny to me. I am very, very fat. And more discouraged every day. I am happy you are happy about what you are doing though. May you continue to feel good. Love, truly fat Becky

  19. I think you look great, definitely not overweight! You're right, life is too short to not eat cookies every now and then, but it's also so awesome to workout and feel alive!

  20. You go, girl!

    I used to be a dancer, and well... my body doesn't really look like a dancer's body anymore. Darn. But I've been trying hard lately, and I'm hoping that in the next few months I'll be back in shape! Here's to us! ;)

  21. overweight? please!

    but i always use the internet to self-diagnose. web md is dangerous for me.

    and i'm pretty sure i don't look that cute when i go running.

  22. I just read every single blog post of yours, and I loved them all. They genuinely made my day. My husband and I are going through the trials of a miscarriage, and, long story short, your beautiful pictures and happy family have given me tons of hope. Thank you for being a smiling face, and for writing such a beautiful blog. It is a rare thing, indeed.

  23. you my dear have a very cute figure. don't listen to the internet.

  24. I think the internet was lying! you look great :)

  25. Ooh, how inspiring! I worked out yesterday too... but then enjoyed far too much foods afterwards so I'm not sure it counts.

  26. WHAT?!?! you guys did Denise Austin.. TOGETHER??? that is just about the raddest most hilarious thing i ever did hear!

    except for poor max being scarred for life because of it! hahahaha poor little tyke!

  27. You DO look great!!! i agree the internet doesn't have a clue what it's talking about! Thanks for the motivating post!!! I love this!



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