awake my soul

i woke up this morning with a stiff back and dirt still under my nails.
i definitely did not have a breakfast in bed kind of mother's day, but purely by choice.
i did spend some time to myself in the morning, writing and thinking and taking stock.
but my guys built me a garden box and gave me the most beautiful flowers for my day, so the rest of it was devoted to ripping up sod and having church in the soil.
..playing football and digging up grubs and worms and smooching on my little man, feeling extra thankful for being his mama.

it was my kind of day.
and this warm weather we're having is right up my alley. 

happy monday, friends!
i hope everyone's mother's day was spent with lots of love


  1. Looks like a perfect day!! I am never happier than when I am barefoot in the dirt:) Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Great shots! Glad you hear that you had a nice Mother's Day. I love the phrase "having church in the soil."

  3. love love love happy Spring!! what did you plant?

  4. all i can say is ty for the breath of fresh air.

  5. sounds like perfection. send the warm weather my way, wouldja? glad you had a loverly mamas day!

  6. i REALLY need to get my hands in the dirt!!

  7. My kind of day! You make me wish we had a backyard. My kitchen sink herbs will have to do for now!

  8. may is delicious. i'm glad your mother's day was every bit as gorgeous as you are.

    ps is there anything as lovely as freshly-turned dirt? even the smell is intoxicating.

  9. ohh i want to see more photos of the garden! how exciting.


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