backyard samba

 back in march, matt was invited to brazil for a tattoo convention.
he travels all over the world for his work but this time he was taking me with him!
which inspired this cryptic post while the details were being worked out.

but then plans stopped due to safety concerns, and this gal found herself planted forever firmly in ohio. and a little bit crushed.
but when life hands you lemons, or broken travel dreams, you make lemonade...or in our case lime punch.
and invite all of your friends to brazil in your backyard!

we made brazilian food and drinks and novelty passports...covered the patio with tropical plants and lights and flooded the air with sweet samba sounds and carmen miranda.
we danced and laughed and confettied into the night.
and if i closed my eyes real tight while dancing with my guy under twinkle lights and stars, you couldn't have told me i wasn't a million miles away someplace wonderful and exotic.

carmen miranda-  Voltei Pro Morro
and how lucky we got to take 10 of our favorite friends along with us.
O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso!
 hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
p.s. thank goodness blogger is finally working its kinks out!
i nearly had a heart attack yesterday when i tried going to my blog and it said my pencil box didn't exist!
my last post is still missing, but fingers crossed everything will be back to normal soon.
the whole debacle made me realize how badly i need to back up my posts here though.
good grief!


  1. What a brilliant idea! That looks like SO much fun, and once again your photos are beautiful.

  2. That seriously looks like one of the best times ever. I want to have a fun themed party, too!

  3. How lovely and fun! I wish I could have come!

    And goodness gracious, I love your bangs! =]

  4. so cute!

    i want to do something like this now!

  5. What a wonderful night in Fauxzil. Everyone and Everything looked delish! I need to see more, know more about those beautiful tattoos!

  6. seriously amazing idea! Those limes look muy delicioso right about now. Like my Spanglish?

  7. I just really really had to say that your mister has an EPIC beard. So awesome :D

    Beautiful pictures :)

  8. What a brilliant idea! Also, may I say, you have the coolest bunch of friends ever! B x

  9. It must have been really disappointing you couldn't go, but it's really commendable that you turned this around and made something positive with it.

    The party looked really fun!

  10. your backyard brazil is a dream! love the colors, the lights, and that beautiful dress and the flower in your hair! please take us to france next... pretty pastries!! <3

  11. I love the photos - it looks like you all had a great time!!
    <3 Kiersten

  12. this looks like so much fun!

    (sorry the trip didn't happen. i hate when things never go as planned, but don't worry, you'll make it to brazil - and other places too- someday. atleast that's what i keep telling myself!)

  13. How beautiful. I hope you had the most amazing time! All the green is perfection. And I hope the neighbors jumped in with a few dance moves! Hehe

  14. looks amazing! What a way to turn something sad into something great. wonderful!

  15. thanks, friends! i'm very sure a real flight to brazil would have topped my backyard..haha. but at least we had a good excuse for a party!

    and jeff! i would love to do a tattoo post soon. a lot of my work isn't finished...but hopefully here in a few weeks!


  16. Your photos are so beautiful! I envy your talent!! <3


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