office party

do you ever wonder what your space says about you?
i was putt'in around my office yesterday and laughing to myself wondering if a stranger walked into this room, what kind of lady would they think lived here?

a messy and disorganized one, to be sure.
the pile of shoes she kicks off under the computer desk leaves signs that this is the last place she goes in a day.
she is the early makings of a crazy old lady porcelain collector...
her design aesthetic is that of the inside of a 13 year old girl's locker door.
 with mini roses.
or anyways, i hope that's what they would think.

happy cinco de mayo!
we usually host a little party for friends, but this year with work and max having an art show tonight we're going to get festive just the three of us.
and listen to herb alpert all. day. long.

herb alpert and the tijuana brass- Acapulco 1922


  1. well look at that - you've already found a use for your new party decorations!

  2. Happy Cinco De Mayo! I'll trade you some garden flowers if you trade me some of those roses!

  3. your house is amazing! those ceramics?!?

  4. I don't know if I would have any of these thoughts, but I would surely love taht room :)!

  5. i don't know. but i own over a hundred gnomes, strewn all over my house. so i wonder what that says about me.

  6. what a beautiful space! i just LOVE embroidered tree ad lion piece so amazing!

  7. I am seriously so in love with your blog and especially all the beautiful photos that you always take!
    Your studio looks fantastic.

  8. Your studio looks pretty amazing to me! Will you take us on a house tour someday? Every time you post photos of your home I swoon, and i'd love to see more.

  9. Your studio is amazing! I love how bright it is; having so much natural light would be amazing!

    Love those little roses and your ceramics!

  10. I love you and I love your spaces. Mwah!
    P.S. my Word Verification word is MERSA...that seems wrong.

  11. i was just about to comment on your red eyed bird figurine and how he ought to fly south and visit me sometime and my word verification is "ducks". weeird, google knows all! hope yall had a great time tonight, our cinco de mayo is being celebrated a day late, nicky bob got called into work. oh well, atleast i can wrap myself up in a blanket and your amazing office space and sulk :(

  12. i loved this peek into your office... so many fun, telling things. and i know i've said it before but i just adore your photos - so full of light!

  13. I'm pretty sure I have 4 pairs of shoes under my desk right now... you're a girl after my own heart. ;)


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