happy friday

we somehow managed to throw a real fine cinco de mayo party for ourselves last night, despite only having a couple of hours to spare and the plumber over fixing the garbage disposal.

we pinataed, and silly stringed, and ate good spicy foods...we confettied the yard and danced and played a couple rounds of snap.
i'm not sure any of it was very authentically mexican, but it was a celebration nonetheless.
happy happy weekend, friends!
and a very blessed mother's day to all you mamas. 
my sisters and i are taking our sweet gal out for lunch and shopping this afternoon. i've been looking forward to it all the week long!

and speaking of mamas...
max and i are over at harper's happenings today dishing on mama style!

thank you so much miss mandy for inviting me!
go take a peek!


  1. I love that there is so much color in your life - it makes you photos so eye catching. :)

  2. I bet silly string is really hard to get out of that beard! :) You guys are fun.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely. You seem to make your life so positive all the time, kudos to you.
    I love all of these images... but I'm having trouble thinking of anything but how much I like the wrapping paper in the corner of the last photo. =]

  4. thank YOU lady. you're just a doll. xo!

  5. Coming over from Harper's Happenings to say HELLO! I was featured on Mandy's blog in the Mama Style series a while back and have been loving meeting other mom's through this awesome community. So glad to have found you on here - I'm a new follower and can't wait to get to know ya. You've got a lovely blog and an adorable boy! :)

  6. Your photographs are absolutely wonderful! Such a cute family.


  7. you look absolutely positively radiant, my katie! what a fun interview. whenever i come to your blog i am inspired to do something about my wardrobe, haha. but i have yet to do much, lets meet in the middle for a shopping date!

    and your cinco de mayo celebration... well, it makes me want to confetti the yard... for no real reason other than it looks pretty. but that's reason enough (:

  8. Looks like a fab cinco de mayo party! And your mama style feature is too cute. I love your advice, even though I'm not a mum yet :)

  9. How wonderful! I am totally with you on the youngest mom thing. I can relate.

  10. i spy a little orange chinese yo-yo. i bought a bunch of those recently at a party supply store and cannot wait to bust them out. for what, i'm not sure... but who needs a reason anyway.

  11. why aren't you my neighbor?!?!?

  12. why was i not invited to your cinco de mayo bash?! lol its looks like it was darling! And I'm pretty much in love with your outfit in the last photo. And your blog. Sheesh.


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