max has a hamster named spongey.
he likes long walks on my computer keyboard and eating various seeds out of our hands...making me and max squeal with joy when his little fingers touch ours. 
he may or may not have some embarrassing medical issues, and from time to time he tries to leave his cage in his tiny dust.
he's an adventurer, that guy.
and max is convinced that spongey has a back story...a wife and several children waiting for him in the syrian desert that he's desperate to get home to.
the first time spongey escaped i found him in the middle of the night standing at our bedroom doorway. he somehow made it down a high bookshelf, a flight of stairs, through the kitchen and into the hallway. all just to sit there and watch us sleep. 
he's creepy like that.

tonight we discovered an empty cage and no trace of him...no goodbye note...just a popped air vent and the open road.  
he was a goner.
we have 4 levels to this house and not a one that isn't a hamster death trap.
i cried.
max forgot within 2 minutes.
and after turning the house upside down, we gave up the search.
life keeps moving...spongey has a family to get to.

but then matt noticed something sidle up to him on the basement stairs.
spongey is alive and creepy as ever!...traveling down 3 flights of stairs to watch matt from the shadows of the basement!

we cheered and celebrated and felt pretty lucky that he was still alive.

but the moral of this story is this: i think there may be something wrong with me for crying over a missing hamster.

hoping everyone had a lovely weekend.


  1. If my hamster died or got lost I would definitely cry! They are just so cute and helpless. I'm glad Spongey came back to save the day!

  2. So hilarious, Katie. I found a hamster roaming the streets of Pasadena a couple weeks ago and I was very concerned about his life and the possibility of him getting smashed on the streets. No one else cared...people just screamed at the sight of him. Then I had to realize, his life was out of my hands. And that sucked.

  3. oh my, I think spongey is just a traveler like me.

  4. Oh hamsters... how do they always manage to steal hearts away quicker than any human (except perhaps your own baby) ever could?!
    My baby brother put one of mine in the freezer on a hot day. He meant well, really, but it was the worst day of my life and I still remind him every chance I get.

  5. super cute!
    I had so many adventures with my own hamster when I was little, cried every time it went on "traveling" ;)

  6. Oh that is so cute! I'm so glad you found him in the end. I used to have mice and for some reason they lived in a bird cage for a while (they had a 3 level mansion really), anyway it turns out that wild mice and pet mice can breed through birdcages! Next thing we knew we had half a dozen very fast and very bitey little grey mice!

  7. No way! I had a guinea pig named 'Pigga Pigga' for 2 years and when I finally had to give her up... I cried. And way to go Spongey for being a super-creep!!! That is the most hilarious thing I've read today!

  8. To be on the safe side, I would hide any hamster sized daggers or other weapons. That hamster sounds dangerous!

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  10. The above comment is from MALISSA CASHMAN not JEFF. sorry, wrong google account log in. ♥

  11. Whoops. I'm a mess. Ok, trying again. Glad to hear that the Creepy Spongey is back in your arms again. And not a thing wrong with crying over a hamster. You're just a concerned mama, that's all. ♥
    Both THIS comment and above comment and the one above that that was deleted....that's all ME, Malissa. xooxoxo

  12. Poor Spongey–and you! We have all those fish and each time one passes, Everyn cries. It breaks our hearts! I sometimes cannot decide if I should let them run out or keep making fish trips to the pet store! Oh my...
    Happy Monday!

  13. nothing is wrong! i cried every time one one of my mice went missing! they become a part of your life! i always loved the way it felt when mice feet touched mine too! you can feel their tiny fingers and bones, so weird!


  14. I cried when my daughter left her favorite plush monkey at Toy R Us. I thought for sure he was a goner. Then when her and her father walked out with him in her arms I cried happy tears.

  15. so funny! And I'm so glad Max came back.

    Love your blog!


  16. Oh my gosh, he is so so so cute! That is hilarious that he's such a creeper. Our cats do a lot of creepy standing still and staring while we try to sleep. But I'm so glad Spongey came back out of the shadows! I totally would've cried too, no worries.

  17. I had a hampster and lost him and cried. I was 9 but still... I'd probably cry now too.


  18. I love your blog :) my mums hamster got out one time and he got hurt so she took him to the vet and looked pretty funny sitting among the poorly cats and dogs with her hamster in a little sock :) xoxox

  19. katie, i laughed out loud. i love you.

  20. hamsters apparently aren't meant to be caged.. mine use to get out all the time! i think it's cute you cried. what a good mom!


  21. spongey is alive and creepy as ever! oh bahahaha. i do love you and your creepy rodents. p.s. i'd cry too.


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