biding our time

 thank you all so much for the sweet advice for me on my buddy's vacation.
i feel a little silly having so much anxiety about a week away when a lot of mama's say goodbye for the entire summer. and even though he will be gone for 3 more weeks spread out throughout the summer, i'm counting my blessings.
matt took the week off and we've been spending it side by side.
the goal was to stay in and shape things up around the house while max was away.
so far we've gone thrifting, eaten every meal out instead of going to the grocery, saw a late night movie and sat in the back row so we could kiss a little bit (paris will do that do a girl), had a rainy morning backyard picnic watching storm clouds roll in, stayed up and slept in and haven't touched one stitch of laundry. 
oh dear.
it's been nice going where the wind takes us these past few days...
catching up on sleep and getting tiny tastes of real adult life.
but really i'd take early bedtimes and fetching legos out of ears any day.


  1. Hang in there, Mama! He'll be home before you know it! That first photo tugged at my heart strings!

  2. sounds like what love and life should be! spent with the one you love and as you say going where the winds takes you! sounds lovely!
    and who doesn't love kissing at the back of the theater...like being a teenager all over again!


  3. haha...cb you're right! this isn't adult life at all...its definitely more of a teenage life! it's doing me some real good though!


  4. i gotta say, i'm kinda jealous!!

  5. such a beautiful spread of photos, as usual.
    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  6. Tim Hortons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You are doing exactly what we do when the kids are away. We pine for them and eat out and stay up late(r).

    You're a good Mama. And think of the stories he'll have when he returns!

    ps- Amy's b-day party! swoon. Of course the Emma shot made my night. :)

  7. i hear you on this, my girl. he'll be home soon. hold tight.

  8. aw, it's not silly at all. & i can definitely relate - in a week and a half i have to leave my tiny tot for 9 days...i'm in a low-residency writing program and have to do this twice a year for two years...this will be my second time going, & i don't think it will be any easier! love your photos, by the way. beautiful.

  9. my husband and i have gotten into the habit recently of staying up too late and sleeping in too long. i hate it and we don't even have kids yet! :) but glad you two are enjoying your time together :)

  10. Oh I totally understand you. My boyfriend is in the army and a week ago he left for 4 months! It's the second time but it hurts every time...


  11. I just adore your world. I probably say this in some form or another all the time, but it's true. You inspire me, lady. Thank you, mama. <3

  12. love this post!


  13. i just wanted to introduce myself, i'm your 500th follower! i love your blog! (found you via a beautiful mess) xoxo

  14. Just found you too through Beautiful Mess. What an adorable family you have here and lovely blog :)

  15. So lovely. I can't wait to see Midnight in Paris!

    A Collection of Passions

  16. love all the red+yellow. wasn't paris in midnight great? i thought it was so adorable.


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