growth, change, and more root beer

our guy finished up his last day of kindergarten...and my goodness does it taste semi-sweet.
it's such an amazing gift to get to watch your little one grow up and take on the world, but the mama in me has a little bit of a selfish ache for the everydays spent at home with my tiny friend...sweet baby max belly-scooting around on the floor like a little sea turtle...eating paper and rolling up in the chunkiest ball when you chugged his cheeks. 
the road from eating paper to reading and writing on it went a little too fast for my liking. 

i'm sure i've said this before, but as much as i miss those days with him, the good news is that the stuff 6 and 7 year max is made of is just as sweet and wonderful yet beautifully different in all the ways that change is refreshing and needed. 

and i guess i say all of that to say this new and simple truth about myself: i'm not done being a mama.
i want more babies someday and to see my guy be the biggest big brother.
there was a time when i couldn't see any of that..but life keeps nudging and dissolving the absolutes we set around ourselves.
 good change brings about even better change.
 and that's that.
so in the meantime, we're celebrating the present.
trying to live wholeheartedly in what is right now and all the fullness and contentment that can be in it.
and for us, that's living it up with our one and only kindergarten graduate...taking him out for greasy diner food and shopping at the costume store (which is a tradition we started last year)
...drinking, yet another round, of root beer floats 
(i need to be stopped)
and enjoying our little company of 3.


  1. oh my, you guys are always having fun! I love it.

  2. congrat's max on graduating!! my brewer did as well!! smart, adorable boys!!

  3. There is nothing, nothing like watching your child be a wonderful sibling. All the laughing and playing and joy that they share. I can't say enough about it. My boys are best friends.

  4. i have two boys. the oldest will be four in three weeks, and the younger is six months. i thought my husband and i were done after one. but when gage was almost three years old i started having this longing to let him become a sibling. and now it's so much fun watching him interact with his younger brother. i love it!

  5. Our girls are almost seven years apart. We never planned to wait that long but that was our fate and I must say that things always happen as they should. Watching Isabelle grow in her role as a big sister has been truly amazing and inspiring! So yay for being open to new journies, for allowing your fate to come and find you. You are such a beautiful mama, I can only imagine how much love you still have to give! Congrats Max on finishing kindergarten!

  6. Katie, you are such a great mother to Max and I can see yourself being an even more awesome mother to another child someday. I've been reading your blog ever since you started over at livejournal, and it has been a pleasure to watch you and Max grow up together.

  7. I can't express to you what joy your entries bring me - I always am met with a rush of emotions; I'm reminded to slow down and enjoy life, cherish the small moments, have fun, and see the beauty in everything. Max is SO lucky to have you as a mama. And I am certain that he will one day make a wonderful big brother too.

    Enjoy your day Katie!

  8. Katie, congratulations to your Max! I always found myself passing Foy's but never went in when I lived there... looks like such a fun place! We had felt so complete with just Kevin that sometimes we wondered when to have another baby. It's so nice when change happens when you feel ready. I always think of his little brother as the band playing your favorite song all over again... it's wonderful.

  9. "life keeps nudging and dissolving the absolutes we set around ourselves."

    so true katie. <3

  10. Love your photography! You all look so happy!

  11. I've spent some time catching up with your posts and this one made my heart flutter. You are such a wonderful inspiration for motherhood. New chapters are amazing but cherishing the present is so important!! Congrats to max!

  12. Beautifully written. My daughter is only 5 months old and it's going too quickly! I'm spending as much time engaged with her as a I can. Thanks for reminding us that it slips by so fast!


  13. awe katie, i dont really know what to say.. it's been such a sweet thing, watching max grow up from afar and its made me look forward to so many of the adventures the girls and i have yet to go on. he is turning into quite the young man and i always love the little funny stories you share with us. petrified carrots is the first that comes to mind, haha. i am with you on enjoying the present, for sure... but i am excited for the day when i get to send you amy butler birth cloths, for sure. haha. much much love <3

  14. FOYS!!! Ahhh, I love your tradition. I recall the pics from last year...so good. You write beautifully and while reading about your Max love I shed a few tears for my "babies" now 8 1/2 and 6 1/2...doesn't seem right. I've also got a Kindergarten graduate comin up...in 8 more days!!! Time flies. ♥


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