home team

max is a true blue baseball fan.
he sleeps with his baseball glove and makes me pretend i'm dropping him off at the airport for his next big game instead of at school.
we took him to his first dayton dragons game last night and this kid was on a cloud the entire game!
we ate lots of terrible food and cheered and clapped (my pennant kept accidentally touching the grumpy man beside me and he moved away from me) and stayed out way past bedtime...
it was a perfect summer night.

baseball boogie- mabel scott

our home team won and max got to take home a game ball.
he couldn't sleep when we got home and told matt he was going to write in his diary that last night was the luckiest night of his life.
good grief.

have a happy weekend, friends!
today is buddy's last day of kindergarten and we're going to get into a little mischief...go flip some cars and get an ice cream cone.


  1. what a wonderful night out for the family, go max! does he really keep a diary of sorts? or was this event the perfect reason to start one? ... so cute <3

  2. i hate watching baseball on television but I LOVE going to live games, ha. they're so much fun!

    that's so awesome that max got to take home a game ball! so exciting!

  3. kimmy! he started keeping a diary after watching diary of a wimpy kid. haha. it's wonderful because he isn't quite at a legible writing stage yet...so his entries are very cryptic and full of pictures.

  4. oh my gosh how fun! i looooove baseball games! and even though i can't see the whole thing i am really loving that blouse you're wearing :)

  5. This looks so fun and makes me sooooo excited for football season (if we have one)! Isabelle just started keeping a diary after seeing that movie, too! What a great hobby for them to start at such a young age.

  6. That looks like so much fun! What a great memory!


  7. oh my goodness, max's looks so overjoyed!! sidenote: i read your blog everyday, tho this is my first comment (i'm not much of a commenter)...but I love your style and following your oh so sweet family!!

  8. what a gorgeous evening. we're planning to take the fam to a semi-pro game this summer...i could take or leave the actual game of baseball, but the ambiance and hot dogs are perfection.

  9. what a fun summer evening! hot dogs are always the best at a baseball stadiums.

  10. Okay so I hope you don't find this odd or creepy, but these photos touched me so much and made me a little emotional. Not only because of how beautiful they are, but they are just so precious and give me hope and excitement. My husband and I LOVE to go to Dodger games and every time we go we talk about how fun it will be to take our future son(s) there and how wonderful it will be to watch him fall in love with baseball. I'm usually a very healthy eater and I know that when I have kids I will make sure they eat healthfully, but when we go to baseball games, all bets are off: Hot dogs, garlic fries, pretzels, nuts, candy, whatever we want!

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful moments of your life. It makes me anxious for times like these with my husband and future children.

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  11. i love how you manage to make every single photo - and event - look so artsy. you've got a talent, my friend.


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