little old lady at the pool

 we spent the day at the pool yesterday...lounging around and getting some sun. 
combine chlorine, sunscreen, and good people watching and i'm all in.
the place we take the kids to has so many bells and whistles for a public pool though....it always brings out the little old lady in me...preaching tales from back in my day when pools were rectangular with a shallow end and a deep end...end of story. no water slides or shady lagoons.

max is never interested.
he's too busy being lured in by a giant water-dumping bucket. 
oh well. 
i'll just keep mumbling the story to myself under my breath while staring at people and crying over comments.
happy thursday!


  1. hahaha..that pirate is hilarious. oh my goodness.
    looks like a fabulous summer day..i still have not been to the pool yet this season..i need to get my swimsuit on asap.

  2. That looks like the funnest place I have ever seen. Literally. Do you think there are water parks that grown-ups that don't have kids yet can go to? I want to stand under a giant water-dumping bucket! :)

    Glad you guys had fun!

  3. haha i love that pool! my momma and i used to go there a couple times a month when i still lived in the dayton area. i felt the same way... i remember the days of millers grove... where it was a simple pool with some diving boards :)

  4. That last photo is hilarious! I was always the shortest kid and never got to ride on the cool rides!


  5. there's no pouting on pool day!! ;)

  6. This day looks like so much fun! I miss swimming in pools all summer, now that we live in the mountains it's mostly rivers and water falls for us/

  7. These pictures are lovely :) Looks like a wonderful day <3

  8. that's the coolest looking public pool ever!

  9. I just read your part one and it absolutely gutted me. I read it with a heavy heart but knowing the outcome, this beautiful life you have now... it's more empowering than anything else.
    It remined me of Blue Valentine, something that tore me apart. I don't know what else to say, because the hindsight period is over and this new chapter of your life I've read over the past months is greater than it all... but I'm so proud of you for jumping.

  10. Must. Get. To. The. Pool. :) Husband's parents offered up their pool to my friends, but we're just not sure they (Quakers) would mind if we brought booze and cigarettes. Someday we will grow up, and there will be kids, and we will be too busy splashing in the pool to care about beer and such. In the meantime, I just really wanna spend a day floating. ;)

  11. i just love coming to your blog. your photos make me happy =)

  12. that last photo is so funny! love a day by the pool.


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