max's itinerary

 we just said goodbye to our little man for a whole week. 
he's going to be in florida having a meeting with nasa to save the space shuttle program, spending a few days hot air ballooning around the himalayas, teaching the indigenous peoples how to pop wheelies on their bikes, setting sail as an old-timey pirate doing old-timey pirate things, and hopping a flight to tijuana to meet his pen pal in person and to bring me home pictures from the wax museum. 
 he's spending the week with his dad. 
but i think the romanticized version helps...this will be the longest we've ever been apart.

we spent the day out and about yesterday in yellow springs on a family date, soaking up last bits of each other before this good and healthy break.
 the day was ha ha's pizza for lunch and blueberry and orange ice cream cones for second lunch (i swear i'm still on a diet..haha)...a visit to mr. fubbs toy store and bench-sitting people watching.
if you're ever in our neck of the woods, a stop in yellow springs is a must!
 happy monday, loves!
dear max, i miss you already. get back home to me quick!
who else is going to tell me i have blue on my teeth?


  1. That last picture is precious. Hope this week isn't too hard for you. Hopefully you can plan some extra fun adventures for when he gets back. :)

  2. Agree with Ashley. Last picture is a keeper. Wow. One of the best ever. A mama and her boy. Yum. Keep busy. Rearrange his room (that's what my mama did while I was away once) and have stories to share upon his arrival. Chin up♥

  3. Aww, he's so precious! I'm sure the time will fly by and he'll be back to you super fast!

    Your town is so adorable, by the way!

  4. Hope this week flies for both of you! Take some well deserved time for yourself while you can. I remember coming home from my dad's house and my mama always had freshly painted toes and her hair done, she always looked so fresh and I was glad she had that time to herself. LOVE that last photo so much:)

  5. We are the other half of our little guy's parental units. We are the ones who await our week-long summer visits with feverish excitement. No matter how brief or extended our time with him is, we know exactly how you feel in the sense that it's hard to say good-bye.

    I hope you and your handsome fella enjoy a week of grownup tomfoolery! Max will love hearing about your adventures just as much as you will in hearing of his. ;)

  6. Yum! I want that ice cream! =)


  7. hold the phone...did you say "ha ha's pizza"? like the same ha ha's pizza referenced in dave chapelle's block party? i've honestly always wondered if this place really existed! i laugh just thinking about how the toppings may or may not be ones that make you get a case of the "ha ha's!". ;)
    p.s. i seriously think this just might be the cutest blog ever...seriously.

  8. oh my! I hope the week goes quickly. I have 4 and my world gets very quiet if they are away from me for a couple of days. I do hope he has a fantastic time though!

  9. Be still my heart. That pizza. Is beautiful.
    OH and YOU, Miss "I'm going to be all casual and hold this ice cream and have blue on my teeth while looking simply STUNNING, no big deal." Can you teach me how to be not-awkward in photos? :)

  10. ALSO: I'm listening to Danielle's playlist (http://sometimessweet.blogspot.com/2011/06/monday-monday.html) and was reading this while "Spoon" by Alexa Woodward happened to be playing. I thought I should share since it reminds me of the feeling of this post.

  11. I love Yellow Springs! My brother just graduated from Cedarville University and we all went for a little field trip to Yellow Springs once when visiting him. We had HaHa's pizza, too, and I totally agree. It's awesome!

  12. that ice cream looks so yummy. and your sweater and hair is so pretty!

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  13. I TOTALLY understand. This Summer marks the first of Summer visitation for us as well. My little one is doing every other week with Daddy and a two week stint in July to visit family in Flortida! I HATE it and he's not too thrilled either. I feel like a mommy missing a limb and I count the days until he comes back only to have him leave again in a week. Sigh! Hang in there Mama!

  14. i've visited my grandparents in springfield so many times and had no idea there was such a cute town nearby!


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