the filling

i've spent the better part of my day today cursing martha stewart. 
and myself for not following instructions and going rouge when i had no business.
i'm in the throws of baking and hot glueing and glittering for a certain someone's party tomorrow.
(or for absolutely no good reason at all if you're my amy reading this)
but after having to dump a bowl of too salty macaroon filling down the drain...i decided it's time for a blogging break and some more birthday lovin....
june is a lucky month for dazzling women.
today is my grandma bessie's day.
she turned 87 and believe me when i tell you age means very little to her.
 she is as sparkling and spirited as they come.
she is full of style and class and the sweetest substance. 
i've always said if i could just be a pinch of what she is i would be a fearsome woman to behold.
i've got a ways to go...

until then, i'll be fumbling around in the kitchen...making more messes then actual food. 
but there's still all sorts of joy in that. even in my spotty, lumpy-dumpy, imperfect macaroons (minus the filling...matt just came to my rescue and brought home unsalted butter for me to give it a second go).
and it's because they're made out of love. 
with some defiance to all sensible rules.
i think i get that from bessie.

happy happy birthday grandma! 
and happy weekend friends. i can't wait to share party pictures with you!
and hopefully one good macaroon.


  1. aw, I hate when that happens. I've lost track of how many times desserts and dishes have turned out terrible because I thought I could improvise... Good luck this time!

  2. i had to learn the unsalted vs. salted butter fiasco the hard way too. ever since then i have never, ever used salted butter for a baking recipe unless it calls for it. it's crazy how something that seems so minor can make a huge difference.

    i hope your martha crafts and macaroons turn out beautifully!

    and happy birthday to your grandma! i ADORE that photo of you two!

  3. Bless you for even trying! I LOVE that sweet photo of you and your grandma, how precious! A grandmother's love is like no other!

  4. God bless grandmas - and happy birthday to yours!

  5. awww yay birthdays yay grammas and YAY stunning pictures <3 :) Have a good one :)

  6. can't tell you how many times i've had to make 2nd and even 3rd trips to the store for more butter. ha!!
    hope your 2nd bath is successful. i've heard macaroons are difficult!

  7. even your catastrophes are lookers. and happiest birthday to your grandma! i love a woman with a good dose of spunk and spirit.

  8. Pretty pics anyways! I had to make them twice too, they are tricky little beauties! Have fun this weekend!

  9. They look suuuuuper gorgeous though! I have an entire macaron cookbook and still haven't mustered up the courage to even try them. If all else fails, they'll make really nice decorations. ;P

  10. Eagerly awaiting the party pics to come.......eeeeeeeeeppp!

  11. p.s. i didn't know you had a grandma bessie ... so do weeeeeeee!!!!!! and she's the best tooooo!!!! that's it. it's settled, my baby girl (whenever, if ever i have one), will be named bessie. ... i want her to be like ours.

  12. p.s. i don't know if i've ever seen a corelle plate look so good. sayin


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