cloud gazing

our busiest week is almost over. little max spent his last summer week away with his pops and tonight he will be home with us...my oh my do i miss those cheeks!
tomorrow we leave for one last summer hurrah...a family trip to the ocean...before school begins. i'm packing along some paper and paints for the beach...i've always wanted to hide out in the sand and paint the waves. i'm beside myself for this last bit of quiet time with my boys...but i shake my fists at shark week! why oh why did we watch every night when we were planning on visiting the ocean?

i hope everyone's thursday has been a happy one! the weather here in ohio smells like fall when the wind blows. it is good...oh so good...for the soul. 

and hey! hey!
the winner of the shabby apple feather necklace is.....
congratulations, leila!
email me (katiespencilbox@gmail.com) with your information!


  1. ahhh I watched all of them too. THink happy thoughts you will be fine!!!!!!!! enjoy the water and your vacation and painting!

  2. hahaha! I haven't watched any of those...and don't plan to! I never want to be afraid of water, love it too too much! But I'm suuure you'll be fine!
    Have fun painting, swimming, relaxing!...etc :o)

  3. oh shark week... just be grateful you don't live in australia where sharks actually do kill people! hope you have a lovely time at the water (with no sharks). xx

  4. haha you'll be fine. don't worry. have a good vacation :)

  5. i DO love the smell of fall when the wind blows, but i am thankful it's only foreshadowing for now....

  6. cloud gazing is so an amazing way to quieten the soul, I can never get tired of photographing them and oh how they love to pose!

    I don't know how you manage without your little munchkin. Sometimes mine like to stay at my mothers for the weekend and I go past their rooms so heartbroken that I don't see them in bed, I get terrible lonesome without them even when they are away at school for the day. I imagine what my life would be like without them and it is definitely not a pretty thought.

    Have a splendid weekend away with your boys! I hope the weather is gorgeously delicious for you :)

  7. you two are just the cutest couple! :) -Lo

  8. I soooo need some cloud gazing time. Have a wonderful little vacation.



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