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marissa from stylebook is a dream gal! she's loaded with style and wit with good looks to match. her blog and vintage shop is full of inspiration and all things cute...with sweet little peeks at her life on the side.

i'm so happy to pop in on katie's pretty corner of the web!  i'm marissa and i do my thing over at stylebook.  i don't know about you guys, but with summer's end drawing near, i find myself panicking to squeeze in as many vacation-y things as possible.  every year since high school graduation, while i was spending summers taking college classes or working a 9 to 5, i've found myself nostalgic for those three responsibility-free months that i had as a kid.  my reaction seems to be jamming as much fun into the evenings and weekends as possible: day trips, picnics, themed parties (i'm notorious for my themed parties.... it's why katie and i are kindred spirits!).  this summer was extra special because i've been able to spend it at the beach with my brother and sister, just like when we were younger!  now that we're adults we all live super far apart and sometimes only see each other once a year, so these last couple of months have been pretty magical.
i always love when katie posts about hanging out with her sisters, because siblings really are our best friends.  (seriously, call yours tonight!)  thanks for having me, katie.  and thank you readers, for not teasing me for being so very much shorter than my younger sister and brother!


  1. Gah! I so agree with marissa! Panic attack! :o)
    Looks like a pretty fantastic time with sibilings!
    PS themed parties are where it's at! haha :o)

  2. love this guest post! I will be heading over to stylebook now ;)
    -Sandra Ponycat

  3. Ah she's amazing! I love these pictures and the dresses are amazing!

  4. The end of the summer feeling is the worst. I dread it. I am trying so hard to pretend school is not starting in just 12 days. It isn't working too well though : (

  5. i love marissa's blog! we go way back to livejournal days.

  6. It's ok, I'm shorter than my younger siblings too :)


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