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hey everyone! today i have kelly ann from the flowechild dwelling stepping in for me today! kelly ann and i go way back to our early blogging days. this gal is a constant source of sweetness and inspiration for me. not to mention, she is one talented lady with impeccable taste and style...from music to photography to art and current trends! her blog is a must read!

When I look back on this summer (so far), it’s such a jumble of things. A lot of stress, emotions, and feeling so overwhelmed. My heart has hurt, I’ve cried some tears, and I’ve been stretched and challenged to the point where it’s taken everything out of me, and I am left feeling deflated, tired, confused, and defeated. I know that I’ll look back and appreciate this time - this 24 year-old did some growing up. Lessons were learned. And I’ll be a stronger person for it. I have to believe that. I feel like I’m slowly seeing that bright, wonderful light at the end of the tunnel. And while I’m running as fast as I can toward it, I’m trying not to miss the moments that will heal my heart along the way.

For example, one thing that stands out to me about this summer... are the quiet, calm moments. Sometimes, those moments are the best. And I’ve realized that those moments are crucial. We need them, they're good for our hearts, minds, and souls. Even if it’s just five minutes. Even if it’s just turning your phone off, or stepping away from your computer for a day (or two or three), or looking at your to-do list and telling yourself, “maybe tomorrow”. We need moments where the only thing we focus on is our breathing. It’s not easy... especially if you’re like me, with a brain that goes about 4 million miles a minute in every possible direction. It’s hard to turn your thoughts off when you have so much going on. But it can be done, if you keep trying.

Some of my favourite quiet moments this summer include: reading before bed, under twinkle lights, until I fall asleep. Sitting on the floor of my office listening to records with the window open - no phone, no computer, just me and the voices of Neil Young, Bon Iver, and Billie Holiday. Not checking my email for an entire day. Staying up all night watching reruns of Ally McBeal and drinking chocolate milk. (The beverage of grown-ups, am I right?) Going on long walks with my best friend. Taking a three-hour nap and waking up to a sweet text message from someone who makes me smile. Sitting in silence after a good, hard workout... feeling accomplished, calm, and strong. Going on bike rides at sunset. Writing letters that will never be sent. Finding a song that makes me feel inspired and listening to it on repeat for 2 hours. Having a good cry, sometimes for no reason at all. Hearing God clearly whisper to me, “it’s going to be okay.”

My challenge to you is this... find those quiet, calm moments and hold on. Without guilt. Without the urge to do 500 things. It’s okay if you don’t finish that project today. It’s okay if you reply to those emails tomorrow. It’s okay if you call that person back next week. It’s okay. Just be. Quiet moments are good, refreshing, comforting, and inspiring. Journal for twenty minutes, take a walk by yourself, let a few tears fall, let many tears fall, buy yourself a new book, rediscover an old book, watch your favourite movie without any distractions, take time to savor every single sip of coffee, pour yourself a second (or third) cup of coffee, read an issue of Vogue - cover to cover, make playlists, peruse a record store slowly and thoughtfully, get under the covers and stay there all afternoon, sit in the sunshine for 5 minutes and soak up some vitamin d while doing absolutely nothing.

Find peace and quiet, and just be. You'll be glad you did.

xo, Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling


  1. this is just beautiful. thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. This post is really magical... It was amazing to sit and read it this morning with my cup of coffee and the birds chirping outside... still quiet in my house. Definitely heading over to her blog. :) Sea Marie

  3. I really needed this reminder. The past few weeks... actually months have been so, so, so busy and I need to take some down time with a book. Really, thanks.


  4. So true, love his!

  5. what a beautiful post.

    i love Kelly Ann and her blog. i so wish we had known each other when we both attended Vanguard. i think we would have gotten along.

    lovely photos, lovely words, lovely ladies: the both of you!

    thanks for sharing :)

  6. yeah KellyAnn!! Love this post and you are always such a sweet whisper and a fresh breeze on my face! xxoo

  7. Beautiful! There is something so nice about the quietness of summer...

  8. Wonderful post. I love the quiet, dreamy quality of the photos, perfectly capturing summer.

  9. mmmm, I needed this. Thank you.

  10. this is a breathtaking post.
    i just took a deep breath after reading these joyous words.

  11. KellyAnn is so amazing and creative! I completely adore her site!


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