a few things...

1. i've been the worst blogger this week. maybe for the past few, even! every deadline i have, professionally and personally, fell right on this week. ack! i'm a little bit overwhelmed...and my brain is nothing but swimmy. but really that's nothing a little tea and 5 "to-do" lists can't handle! hopefully i'll be able to catch back up here soon! until then...hello! i hope everyone is having a wonderful last week of september!

2. the paint by number mural i started in buddy's art studio is very very not so much finished. hmph! but thank you all so so much for the sweet comments on it. i will say max came home and was over the moon when he saw it. he wants to help me finish it now! i will have pictures very soon...but not too soon because...

3. i'm out of here for a whole week starting sunday! i'm jetting off with my amy and friend beth to los angelas for a girl's week away. we're staying with lovely friends and have absolutely no idea what we're going to get ourselves into. but i'm making us all autograph books just in case!
i haven't been on an airplane in almost 20 years. needless to say, i am beside myself excited and also a tad terrified...if only for having to take off my shoes at security. 
if anyone has any wonderful suggestions for things to do while we're in southern california or tried and true airplane tips, please chime in! this gal hasn't been further west than missouri. true story!
i was planning on having some guest posters lined up while i'm gone but i decided i'm going to bring you along with me instead! i'll be popping in here and there with, hopefully, funny "katie had a panic attack on the airplane" stories and lots of pictures of palm trees and sun.



  1. Have a BLAST! I'm so glad Max loves his wall; though I knew he would!
    Safe travels; I'm glad you're bringing us ...basically so I can live vicariously through you while Boston gets poured on.

  2. oh my goodness. I've got this.
    1) in-n-out. Lots of time.
    2) drive down the Pacific Coastal Highway. Even if you just rent a car for a day. Amazing
    3) Huntington Beach. It's my personal favorite
    4) Wahoo's fish tacos. it's a local chain.
    5) drive down to san diego. prettiest city in the world. Check out Balboa Park. And La Jolla Beach
    6) Santa Monica Pier.

  3. Wow! 20 years since you've been on a plane. Don't be too nervous about security at the airport- its not really a big deal. :) My advice for taking off in the airplane is chew gum or pretend to! Otherwise your ears will get super crazy plugged up.

    I LOVE LA, I went 3 years in a row! Here are some things that I think are worth checking out.

    In Los Angeles:

    Coffee Bean- If you like coffee.. seriously theirs is AMAZING! :)

    Melrose Ave- it has cool and quirky shops, & you will probably see some celebrities down there.

    Mann's Chinese Theatre- cool but touristy, still fun to go to. You can see the HOLLYWOOD sign in the hills behind :)

    Manhattan Beach- is pretty, also saw a celebrity there. Venice Beach is not so pretty, and very dirty.

    Santa Monica- a really nice area, the pier is cool, and it has some nice shops and places to eat. There are lots of homeless people there. Just a heads up. Its pretty sad. :(

    In and Out Burger- YUM. :)

    Arclight Cinema on Sunset Blvd- Pretty, lots of movie premieres are done there & Amoeba Music (definitely worth going to) is right across the street.

    I have many more suggestions but I dont want to take over your comment section! ha :)

  4. Have a great trip! I've wanted to go to CA for a long time, so I look forward to traveling vicariously through your blog!

  5. good luck on the airplane. make sure to read up on all the TSA rules before you go! it'll change your makeup bag. or at least it did for me last time i flew.

    enjoy your time away!!

  6. You'll be in my neck of the woods! Well I agree with In-n-Out Burger, definitely, they have the best grilled cheese ever. And if you're downtown, Olvera Street, Little Tokyo, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I've never been to the Santa Monica pier but I've always wanted to, I think you'd love it, and you've gotta do the beach while you're here! Then visit me. ;P Hehe. Have fun, Katie! Can't wait to read about your Cali adventures.

  7. Definitely Hollywood and if you want a strange but cool experience, visit Venice Beach Boardwalk on a weekend. I take all visitors there for the full LA experience.

    ♥ sécia

  8. have fun! just a quick you-probably-know-this-already airplane tip: buy one of those neck pillows that look like donuts. your neck with thank you!

  9. you will have an amazing time! can't wait to see photos!

  10. I used to live in Santa Barbara (it's 90 miles north) so if you have time take a drive up there and into wine country. Just beautiful! Oh and the Getty museum is one of my fav places to see LA and bring on a flood of creative ideas :)

  11. I travel for work so I'm on planes a lot! Wear shoes that easily slip off and socks if you're grossed out by bare feet at security. If you're bringing a computer, you'll need to pull it out at security. Keep all your liquids under 3oz and put them all in a quart bag, outside of your suitcase :) Have a great trip!

  12. You MUST MUST MUST visit Pinkberry while you are in So Cal. It is THE best soft serve frozen yogurt you will ever have. (Epicurius agrees with me!). We visit family in CA once a year, and we have Pinkberry EVERY DAY! We are healthy eaters, so this a splurge for us (at 100 calories per cup and pretty fresh ingredients plus natural bacteria goodness from yogurt, it's a pretty good splurge!) Pinkberry is a lightly sweet, mostly tart, refreshing bite of amazing. My husband and I are completely unable to share a cup so we get our own! My favorite toppings are strawberries, kiwi, and coconut. A lot of people like it with granola or other cereals. If you try their flavored kinds, they are okay, but the original tart is unbelievable. I promise you won't be disappointed!

  13. Also, another commenter suggested Venice Beach...while it is "LA" for sure, it is pretty odd, possible nudity....if you have Max with you might not be the best choice IMHO, unless you want to expose him to this kind of culture. From your blogging, you seem more sensitive, so I thought I should warn you.

  14. How exciting! If you can get out of the city, as an artist you must visit Salvation Mountain. It seems like it's such a feast for the eyes.

  15. i recommend a trip over to the silver lake area for some fun shops and delicious food. (have you checked the design*sponge guide for LA? probably has some good stuff)

    have so much fun! good luck on the airplane.

  16. looking forward to hearing about your californian adventures! oh, and i second angela, silver lake is awesome :)

  17. Wow! A whole week of lady time--that is so exciting. At this point, my son is only 1 and I can't imagine such a thing but. I hope you have an amazing time.

    Airport security is not so bad--wear some easy to take off shoes. And keep in mind that it might seem ridiculous at times, but just go with it. The last time we flew they did a random explosive chemical swipe--on my one year old's hands!

  18. Yay! Have fun in California! I live north of L.A. so if you have to drive through Bakersfield for some reason you should stop for a visit! :D I would try to go to the MOCA, the Getty, and try lots of gourmet food trucks!


  19. aww i'm sure you'll be fine on the flights. flying is so pretty! i hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation :)

  20. my goodness, you have such a pretty home.

  21. I love these photos. Enjoy your time in LA! xoxo

  22. My favorite: During a week day rent bikes and cruise down Venice and Santa Monica beach.

  23. first of all, I want to say I LOVE your blog! I love the way you edit your pictures and everything is just so cute! I am from SoCal so I know a ton of fun things to do! here are some of my personal favorites that are not so touristy

    If you're in LA,
    - Silver Lake area is great! There is an amazing GoodWill in that area that is great for thrifting as well as a bunch of cute and quirky stores and cafes
    - idk if you have seen the movie, but the (500) days of summer bench and park is just adorable. it is also right next to Angel's Flight and in the heart of downtown so its close to everything. The park is called Angels Knoll Park
    - the beach is always a good option
    - LACMA! best museum I have ever been to
    - the Country Mart in Malibu is great for shopping (sort of pricey) and people watching! it is known for its celebrities sightings

    if you're in Orange County:
    - Laguna Beach! great shops, restaurants and of course: the beach!
    - The LAB in Costa Mesa! its like a really hipster mall with great stores, restaurants (if you do go, eat and Gypsy Den and have their chai tea) and a Buffalo Exchange which is a great consignment store
    - Alta Coffee in Newport! great coffee and breakfasts and just a cute atmosphere

    if you have any other questions: email me at heyhayley6@gmail.com

    ps I saw your from Dayton in Ohio which is right near where I go to college in Cedarville! I had been reading for blog for quite a while and I just discovered that and was floored! glad there are such cool people in Ohio :)

  24. Oh, girl, I totally get that "swimmy brain" thing. Last week was so stressful for me with tons of custom paintings on my list, house work, blog stuff, etc! I'm glad you get a chance to relax and have a little vacation!

    I traveled to Thailand in May and wrote a few of my favorite travel tips out. Here's my post on that--


    Hope you have a great trip!

  25. Have a safe trip. I can't wait to see the finish mural!!



  26. looks like everyone covered a lot of good suggestions already! huntington is a favorite of mine as well.

    as to the plane (for the flight home at least), have a cocktail as soon as possible after boarding, drink a lot of water the rest of the time, and pee as soon as you have to. ;)


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