seasons and fast food tears

happy first day of fall!
this is, like for most, my most favorite time of year...when ohio is her most beautiful and i feel the most settled. we've been celebrating around here with lots of warm drinks and caramel apples and hitting snooze on the alarm clock way more than we should. these are sleepy days.
i've spent the past couple of days away from the computer and spending some extra time with the boys. we sent matt away last night for a weekend business trip. and my max goes off this afternoon to be with his dad for a few days. i'm a woman left to her own devices...which is dangerous. i ended up, inexplicably, in tears after ordering lunch today when the boy at the window was so nice to me.  haha. it's going to be that kind of weekend.

have a happy one, friends! 
i'll be back tomorrow with a few projects i've been working on around the house.


  1. Lovely;) Katie sometimes your words warm up my soul!!

  2. Oh, I hear you, mama. Lately I've been prone to unexpected emotional outbursts. My husband has been gone for quite some time and I've still got a week before he's back. Ai yi yi! At least I don't have to give up my baby, too! I recommend sleeping like a starfish while you've got the bed to yourself. :)

    I've been meaning to email you because I'm pretty sure our dogs are long lost cousins! Your girl's brindle is more pronounced but man they look like sisters. :) Any idea what Mimi is?

  3. oh goodness. how we cherish and yet loathe that alone time with ourselves. I hope you can enjoy your time to yourself and savor fall drinks and relaxation!

  4. Its funny, I've been so looking forward to this time to myself! I've learned I like some time alone to recharge every now and again. I guess I also like my alone time with a side of emotional instability. Haha. The boys are lucky they're out of here!

    P.s. julie! Mimi is part pitbull/ part mystery. We're not quite sure. I love that she might have a long lost lookalike out in the world! Any idea what your girl is mixed with?

  5. I'd be a bit sad too. When you are part of a family as loving and lovely as yours that alone time is a bit bittersweet! Have a lovely weekend.


  6. Haha oh man, I (sort of) know what you mean. I stayed over the weekend at a client site a few times and I'd end up in my room crying alone. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, despite the bittersweetness :)

  7. I cried the other day for no reason & my husband was freaked. it was hilarious. but --- I hope you end up having a great, relaxing weekend!

    {I'm having a Kate Spade giveaway right now & would love to see you there! amyreneonline.com}

  8. Awe. Keep your chin up and enjoy some "me" time.

    ♥ sécia

  9. Awww...poor girlie! I hear you on the tears, though. My fiance is in Iraq, and I have had all too many random cries. Usually while eating food. Lots of it. It's good for the soul, no? :)

    But time alone has its perks, too, and you're wise to see that! Like the ability to take long bubble baths or spend as much time as you wish watching blushable reality TV. :)

    Enjoy your time, lady! And if things get tearful, just reach for the nearest baked good. ;)

  10. you all are so so sweet! and bethany, i can't even imagine. you are one strong gal!
    i'm not sure where the tears came from...though it's hilarious that it came from a drive through worker being sweet and kind. haha. is it bad that i think the crying had less to do with the boys being gone and more to do with a bit of estrogen-freedom? haha...

    either way, i'm in good spirits...have a box of kleenex ready...and may or may not be jumping on my bed right now.

  11. mmm those caramel apples look to die for! I think everyone knows fall is the best season :)

  12. love fall and so excited it's finally year!!



  13. Pretty sure I had a dream about your blog last night. I was explaining what a "good blog" is to a friend and I could not stop going on about how much I love yours.
    Yep, dreaming about your blog. I'm officially a creep.

  14. Yum! I'm so excited for the Fall season. xo, rv


  15. it's good knowing you have loved ones to miss though, isn't it? hope you enjoy your weekend of me-time :)

  16. I love this post! I'm so super excited about Fall, too, haven't really started enjoying the perks though. Those carmel apples are a tempting reminder to get going :)

    My pregnancy hormones arrived, and I've certainly been using them - found myself crying over a comedy yesterday ("Run Fatboy Run"). Haha.

    Looks like you're enjoying your weekend "retreat" already. Keep up the good work!

  17. YUM!
    we have those plates too!

  18. looks so yummie! wanna eat it asap!

  19. awww, i hope you enjoyed your alone time! bursts of emotion are quite acceptable. i love the lazy days of drawing in!


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