in a pinch party hats

i love making these funny, tall, elf-like party hats...they're the perfect way to make a party a tad more special or silly and they stash away well...making it great for when you're in a pinch. i use lots of different patterns and colors and reuse mine over and over...because almost every occasion calls for a party hat! 

here's how i make them!

supplies: you need a square of scrap booking paper, a hot glue gun or tacky glue, pom poms (found at the craft store), scissors, and ribbon or twine or elastic.

start by turning the paper over, pattern-side down. taking the right corner, start curling it in toward the center...
keep rolling, keeping the top at a point, and making sure the bottom is staying wide open. keep your hands on the left hand corner and get ready to glue!

put a little dab of hot glue or tacky glue on the inside of the left corner tab and press it to the hat...hold until it's set.
next you'll need your scissors...
trim off the bottom of the hat however you'd like...you can make the hats short or tall depending on how much you cut off!

to finish off the top, lay a line of glue along the top of the hat and squeeze the pom pom over the glue, hold until set!

hot glue any sort of ribbon or twine (cut into two pieces and long enough to tie around the head...or one piece if using elastic) on two opposite sides of the hat. if you're using thin twine or elastic, i usually take a small piece of paper to lay over the glue and twine to keep it sturdy and sealed and from burning my fingers. ack!

and that's it!
hooray for funny party hats!


  1. i never would have thought of this! such a cute idea! i'm the most un-crafty person i've ever met, but i think i might be able to handle this one...now i just need to go get myself a glue gun. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, these are SO cute! I decided today that my office will be having a Leap Day party this year and I'm thinking I should make these! I think they scream "young professional"! Thanks for the idea!
    -Kate from http://ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com/

  3. what a great idea for hats! i actually used the same design and made christmas trees and placed them all over the house ;)

  4. adorable!! so trying this. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. this is such a sweet DIY . . . thank you for posting. i don't know why i never thought to do these on my own. i am all over it for my next birthday! (this is my first visit to your blog and i think it's just the bee's knees.)

  6. I never really thought about how easy these are to make! I love the pattern chosen with the pink bow. Perfect!


  7. love the colours and the light of the pictures as always!

  8. love it, so cute and easy!
    i'll be making them for my next party :)!

  9. you are so adorable! adore those little party hats!!
    xo TJ


    The ribbon around them is just too cute!

  11. That is BEAUTIFUL! You look so cute!


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