thirteen shmirteen

my sweetest (and 1st) nephew is turning 13 this week! i told him he wasn't allowed to but he seems to be doing it anyhow. 
i can't believe how quickly the time goes! our guy at 13 is quick as a whip and the funniest kid on the block... i'm a forever proud aunt!

 amy and nate are throwing austin a party tonight! i made him weird masks, like party nosferatu, party lemonhead from adventure time, party sloth in a suit, and party mr. meowgi (austin's cat), so all his favorite friends could come along. 

i've always wanted to try making a surprise ball for someone after seeing it on heidi's blog a few years ago...this seemed like the perfect occasion! lots of sweets and funny odds and ends and some money rolled up into a crate paper ball.

oh to be 13 again! 
ugh...or maybe not. haha. 

hoping your weekend is going real swell! 


  1. I love that he's not "too cool for school." Some thirteen year olds get a little weird, but he looks so sweet!

  2. I would've loved a party like that when I was 13 - or even today ;)

  3. Those masks are so fun! Pary nosferatu is my favourite... Very clever

  4. I love how pretty your surprise ball looks. I made one for my niece and nephews for Christmas and it was SO much fun watching them unravel it. They had never seen anything like that before. I didn't even think of putting candy in it.. just lots of trinkets and funny false teeth.

    Those masks are great. Happy Birthday to your nephew!!!

  5. My little girl is on the verge of turning 13. It's so sad that they grow up so fast.


  6. Such great decorations! I am just fine with skipping 13... oh to be 10 again but not so much 13 :)

  7. Those masks are great! Looks like it is going to be a fun party :)

  8. Love, love, love those masks. It's my OH's 40th in April and we are having an 80's party so I think I may have to adopt your idea and do some 80's masks. Fun!
    Sam x

  9. Gorrrrgeous photos! Love the colours - so much fun! Have a very hip hop happy birthday, grown up boy! xxx

  10. i love the surprise ball idea!! i'm thinking maybe for easter??

  11. The masks are great! I love the cat one. It's so fun to make surprise balls, isn't it!?

  12. Party Nosferatu has stolen my heart forever. Well done!


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