hotel motel

sorry for the absence! 
we've been forced away for the past few days while the floors downstairs are getting sealed and finished. we've been cooped up in a hotel down the road...eating way too much free popcorn, watching pbs into the wee hours of the morning, and smelling of chlorine and hotel pool. 
(well, max does anyways...in all my delusion i thought maybe one of my old swimming suits would fit and i ended up trapped in the bathroom with a one piece stuck around my belly)

sending lots of love your way and fingers crossed we'll be able to go back home tomorrow!



  1. 'hotel, motel, Holiday Inn....' - well, at least you were able to get back out of your swim suit! Actually, staying at a hotel sounds kinda nice right now - swimming, free cable, and someone to do the laundry!


  2. i totally thought 'hotel, motel, holiday inn' like the above commenter. :)

    the thought of you stuck in your bathing suit made me giggle, because i had a similar experience when i was pregnant with my youngest son. i was seven months along, and just vain enough to think that my pre preggo jeans might *still* fit. i was trapped like a cased sausage. it was not a pretty sight. i had to enlist the help of my husband to peel them back off.

  3. the popcorn harkened me back to third grade, when my folks surprised us with a hotel stay. we chomped on cracker jack and swam ourselves pruney in the pool.

  4. Yes I'm singing the song as well! I laughed about getting trapped in a swim suit :) I refused to buy maternity clothes and got trapped in a dress once- no fun!

  5. I know how you felt with those swimsuits! I got pretty enormous with my baby and living in Arizona, couldnt avoid the pool. Bikinis were my only option, although I felt a bit like a PETA ad with a whale wrapped tightly in a soda can holder.


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