cinco de mayo for one

happy cinco de mayo!
i love this day and all of its celebrating and happy colors and good food. i look forward to it every year...

La Bamba by Mariachi Vargas on Grooveshark 

 i'm getting festive today with frozen limeade and party poppers (that seem to give mimi the dog a terrible fright) and mariachi music for one. alone time well spent!
max is usually my main cinco de mayo party friend...but he's away with his dad this weekend. i packed him a little box filled with odds and ends and the tiniest pinata you'll ever see stuffed with small sweets. if only i could have found a small bat to go along with it.

 hoping your weekend is going swell! 
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!



  1. Your pictures always make me happy!

  2. That limeade looks divine!! xx

  3. I love that you packed Max a to-go Cinco de Mayo box! He's such a lucky kid to have a mom who thinks of things like that!

  4. Such beautiful colours in all these shots. I hope you had a lovely day!

  5. Pretty skirt! Love that mini piƱata with all.my.heart!

  6. Katie, This is truly so precious! I keep all these little ideas tucked away for my little one for the years when she can be surprised with little notes and treasures. I love checking in every morning-you always put my day to the sweetest start with a smile. Hope you have an amazing weekend! Ps-where did you find such a tiny pinata? Adorable! xoxo

  7. you take such beautiful pics:)

  8. This is the cutest blog! Love the old school pinata toys and that skirt is darling!

  9. Oh my gosh, this makes me want to celebrate cinco de mayo! Love!

  10. beautiful as always.



  11. Hi Katie! I feel as if I am well acquainted with you after spending the past four days sneaking in here and there to read up on your entire blog....(yikes!) it was like reading a picture book for grown ladies, beautiful pictures and inspiring colors with a lovely voice to boot :)
    I noticed a theme with you and the holidays, I'm sure this isn't news to you, I just related to it as I love them too and you inspired me to amp it up this cinco de mayo and my daughter loved it!
    I am so happy to have found a new gorgeous blog, and lady, to crush on, thanks for taking the time to share it <3Rachel

  12. Your pictures are so lovely. The composition and colors, devine. I'm pregnant as well, enjoying things like frozen lemonade right alongside you. I'm 30 weeks.

    Ashley @ http://www.thestorkandthebeanstalk.com

  13. What fun! You are such an awesome mom. Max must have so much fun! Well, I know.... just some of the time, when he's not in trouble. I get it. But the rest of the time looks like a blast!

  14. How wonderful for Max to have a mother that cares about the small details! I can relate as well we too have a blended family. My older two from my first marriage leave for the weekend with their dad as well, I send along treats and such to ease the three day absence. I might have to keep this in mind for next year. With my new soul-mate/husband I have two baby girls-16 months apart 2 and 1 year now. They miss their older siblings when they go but we plan things for them as well. We had a mini Cinco de Mayo dinner. I love your blog and find it truly inspiring to read about your family.


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