basketball mama

max and matt finished up their basketball season last night! and while it didn't end pretty, and max asked me to turn both the queen and the pink (?) song off the radio on the way home because they reminded him of losing, it was a real treat of a season! (and watching matt coach a gaggle of sweet little boys was the cutest thing ever)

coming from a gal who's biggest athletic accomplishment was 4th grade soccer and a sympathy spot on the 7th grade volleyball team (which i ended up turning down. i'm still afraid of volleyballs..haha), i love every minute of watching my boy's talents unfold. our max loves him some sports! and i'm one proud mama.

the boys all got metals around their necks after the game...max slept in his and hasn't taken it off yet. and while there has been a little rain cloud over his head, there is one silver lining perk to the season being over...he finally gets to wear his basketball shoes to school!

or anyways, that's the only way i could get him out of bed this morning...


  1. So sweet! Our little guy starts t-ball next month - can't wait to cheer him on.
    And I was just trying to explain to my husband last night exactly why I, too, am afraid of volleyball...something about junior high PE scars you for life.


  2. Sweetest story I've heard all day. Thank you for sharing. Great job, Max!


  3. Awww so cute! Those are adorable pictures.

    I totally hate losing at sports, but that's because my soccer team's record was 11-0. Way to go Max!!

  4. When did Max get so grown up? It seems in the last eight months since I have started reading your blog, in the blink of an eye he has stepped out of being a child and in now on the verge of adolescence.


    1. oh, iliska it's true! he's changing so quickly...i'm trying desperately to keep up. haha. it all goes too quickly for my liking...

  5. Way to go Max! Not matter if he wins or loses he'll always be a champ in mama's eyes ; )

  6. How sweet. My 10 year old is playing his first season of basketball this year and my Mr. is coaching (his first year as well). It's been fun to see both of them grow in their abilities and love for the sport. Congrats to Max for a job well done!

  7. Awwwwwh--he is super cute----you tell him to be proud...and I think he's cool enough to realize that not everyone can win. It is definitely not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game!!!
    Cheers :o)

  8. While I'm sure Max would have loved to win, I think his playing sports (regardless of how his team fares...perhaps even better if they lose) is a wonderful lesson! I always wish I'd been more interested in competitive sports (as it is, I only ever horse-back rode, and it was a rare occasion that I did that competitively) because I think they're a really valuable lesson in working as a team and learning how to adjust no matter what the situation.
    Anywho, I'm glad Max had such a fun season!
    <3 Kiersten

  9. this is so cute! How sweet that Matt got to coach the team that Max was on.

    P.S. Volleyball scares me too.

  10. Look at him go! This is so sweet!

  11. Cute photos! Hope your son had lots of fun playing basketball :))

  12. Your shirt is great. It would probably embarasse my kids but thats part of the fun.


  13. awww this is so awesome and adorable! how fuuun.
    andrea >>hecallsmewifey

  14. That button is amazing! Max sure is one lucky boy.

    Elena @ Randomly Happy

  15. Red is your color, love that top! They look so cute playing/coaching out there, I had no idea they had basketball for their age! This makes me so excited for baseball! Love getting a sneak peek of what Kevin will be up to by watching Mr. Max! :)

  16. love it!! my boys have such a passion for sports too, and i gotta admit, i truly enjoy it.

  17. So perfect family.. You're my daily inspiration for my future life.. I hope to have a wonderful family like you..

    (sorry for my english)
    From france,


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