big breeches

today was max's last day of preschool.
and we partied...hard.
i took him to foy's, a year-round halloween/party store, to celebrate and we spent all afternoon trying on funny masks and eyeing the penny candies. in true max style he picked out a random civil war cap gun to take home...and i picked out some animal masks so we could pretend to be george peppard and audrey hepburn from breakfast at tiffany's.
max may be the only 5 year old i know who will be george peppard for his mother without guff.

oh my, did we live it up. 
shooting caps and listening to dead or alive and j geils band the whole way home.
...sending preschool off in style...


  1. You are such an amazing mother. Max is very lucky to have someone like you in his life!

  2. Why do I feel like Max is an adult? I can't believe he is only in preschool! He's so freaking cute. I love all your family photos, Katie!

  3. hello, katie! it's nicole (talklikelovers) - looks like we both decided to part ways from livejournal at the same time & i had to follow the cutest mama in the country :] congratulations to max!

  4. Before I even read your entry I saw that first photo and immediately thought about Breakfast at Tiffany's! I wish there was a little shop like that next to me. So adorable.

  5. you look darling.
    oh my oh my, you two are the cutest. <3

    george + audrey = L.O.V.E.

  6. My little guy graduated from preschool yesterday too! We went out for ice cream and then stopped off at the farmer's market for some apples. Kindergarten, here we come!

  7. haha! so i have a pig mask likethat! we often wear it at our parties with friends lol (some how a pig mask get really funny with some beers) these pics are great kati!!xoxo
    adrienne K.
    ps have i mentioned how much ive miss ya?!?! ;)


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