picnic skin

oh it's so beautiful here today!
max and me and all his school friends went out for a picnic today to celebrate the beginning of summer and the only sunny day this week. 

my skin smells like sun and my fingers are sticky from fruit. a girl could get used to this.

p.s. impending summer is written all over me. 
i'm starting a tally on how many yellow outfits i can wear in a week. i'm also keeping track of how many times "if you leave me now" by chicago gets stuck in my head this month. 
it's such a swoony summer song. and reminds me of saturday morning grocery shopping with my mom when i was little. 
maybe all this repetition is more comforting than annoying. haha


  1. This post just made my day! I love that dress on you.

  2. oh love! its rainy and gloomy here! your post made me all sunny kati!!

  3. this post also made my day, i am about to go to work waitressing and its sunny here in maryland ahh. Though after my shift it is off to Florida for a whole week with my bf and two of our close friends, I have been waiting for this day forever. aka am in need of a vacation after all the doubles and picking up shifts iv been doing.

    lots of love girlie.. and that yellow dress is perfect.

    Jenzee from lj.

  4. Beautiful picnic! I wish I could have one in Florida, but if I went outside right now, I'm afraid I'd melt.

  5. this post made me want to lay out in the sunshine with popsicles and a record player serenading me. mmmm.

  6. 'if you leave me now' ALWAYS gets stuck in my head! i laughed out loud when i read this post x


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