i guess i took an accidental break from blogging this month. ack! the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of change and indecision...but also plenty of stepping forward and carrying on. being an adult certainly has its drawbacks sometimes.
i've spent much of my time away in a little bit of a daze...but still finding time for karaoke for matt's birthday and ice cream mustache outings with my little guy. 
after all, summer is almost over and there is no use sitting around with a sourpuss face.
p.s. max and i chopped our hair off. 
his out of necessity to retrieve a burr or thistle thing stuck like gum....mine out of defiance and need for a reinvention. i've never been precious about my hair until i held the scissors up to it today. that was a clear sign to me that it had to go! 
although now i can't stop cutting. oh dear.

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