up where the air is clear

tonight we flew kites in the breeziest sunset. 
more of that please!
the colors of summer are fading to all shades of green around here. a sure sign that he is making his plans to hit the old dusty trail. that and school supplies are out....a not so subtle hint. poor summer. he's become that house guest and probably is feeling like we're all yawning and looking at our nonexistent watches and waiting for him to realize he's outworn his welcome.
well, not to buddy and me! we've got things to check off of our list before kindergarten hits.

p.s. summer is a "he" to me. 
we were courting, but after these past few bum weeks in july...and me threatening him a time or two because of the heat...well, now i think we're just casual acquaintances.


  1. Hahaha I love your last paragraph :D
    Ps - I found your blog through Kelly Ann's and I'm so glad I did!


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