smorgasbord orgasbord

max's second day went so well that we treated ourselves to a little end of summer indulgence at the fair. and for those of you who keep up with me,you know how i feel about my midwestern county fairs! i love! pies and pumpkins win ribbons and bunnies get sold for thousands...the people watching is tops and you leave smelling of sweets and manure. you also get to pet the soft spot on a horse's nose and feel the sudden urge to set free all of the pigs waiting to be sold. 
there isn't anything like it.


  1. Did you go to the Darke County Fair? We went on Sunday night and I totally pigged out. Homemade ice cream, corn dog, and a lemon shake up! I'm hoping to go back again before it's over.

  2. You take such gorgeous photographs! I love how you edit them. This looks like such a fun day!

  3. i just love your style! your outfit is adorable, so is your wee little lad. i also share your affinity for all things fair, good choice on the apple. here's to many, many more great day twoish school days!

  4. So perfect. I love love love your fair photos! And yay for Max having a good second day!

  5. i love the fair. when i was younger i had dance recitals every year at the fair... and when they were over we were free to spend the rest of the day at the fair with our families. some of my favourite memories, that's for sure. :)

  6. I'm so envious of your life. It really is the most beautiful thing ever. :)
    You lucky, lucky lady. <3


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