the happy and sad of it...

oh dear. where do i begin?
let's start with the good. the very good! max made it through his first day of school and it seems like a pretty fine fit. 
his dinner last night was hilariously awful and tense. you can't tell from the pictures so i guess i shouldn't even be speaking of it. haha. for all you can tell we all got along swimmingly and there was no 6 year old sass or complaints on where we ate or lack of extra party poppers.   

no, it wasn't that awful at all. 
we cheered and made messes and wished school year wishes and ate popsicles while watching the dark crystal. 
then we washed dirty little toes and went straight off to bed. once he was asleep i snuck into his room and kissed his head and sniffed his hair and whispered little prayers his way.

oh friends! 
he was so excited today.
i rushed home from work to find he and matt dressed and ready, but without one thing. a fact he left out until it was time to go out the door. max forgot to put on underwear. 
and with that, we were late.
to add to the mess, we got stuck at a train a block from school and missed the line to the classroom. his new school shoes make him trip and when we finally got to his room he tripped in front of his teacher and became devastated. he hid behind me for a second out of embarrassment. the principal saw him holding on to me and mistook it for separation anxiety and instantly came and ripped max from me. max turned into a crazed animal...kicking and yelling and reaching out to me. i was forced to turn my back and leave while max left fingernail tracks in the door.
 and i bawled. i was a big bawl baby.
and my heart broke a bit.

i guess i cried for a few reasons. i had wanted his first day to go exactly how i had it planned in my head...even down to the meeting of me and max's dad, jesse, and matt today. and nothing did. but if i've learned anything the past few years, it's that there is a lot of beauty in the unexpected. or at least something to laugh about later. and if you ask max how it went today, he doesn't even recall mauling the principal.    
but you can bet after school i scooped him up and we went straight for ice cream and french fries. we needed it.

and we're going to be there 20 minutes early tomorrow. 
...with underwear on.


  1. oh katie!!im crying!!! i have no idea why?!!? maybe its cause this story is so cute?! maybe its cause you matt and jesse are all in these pics and that seems so very sweet.(max had love coming from so many people) or maybe because my zoe will be returning to school again, oh i dunno?:( all i know is youre an awesome mommy and still after these years of knowing each other inspire me to no end!!!
    adrienne K.

  2. he doesn't even recall mauling the principal.

    Ha, that made me laugh! I'm glad he doesn't and that he looks back on the day fondly. As for you, I can't imagine having to walk away from that! You poor thing. I would have bawled as well. In fact I think I did bawl when I left Wesley his first day of kindergarten and it wasn't nearly as traumatic!

  3. i got a little misty eyed reading this! even though the day didn't go exactly how you hoped, one thing is certain. that boy has a lot of love and support in his life. :)

  4. First - You're on Blogger? How can I be so woefully the last to know these things??

    Second - What a wonderful First Day tale. That's one that will be retold for years to come. It's a REAL story!

    Third - I'm loving all of the pics of all of the love.

  5. Oh, you poor thing! My heart goes out to you. I have a very similar story involving my son's first soccer game. He got over it. I'm still traumatized! I hope that tomorrow goes perfectly for you!

  6. OH NOES! hope the second day turns out a lot better

  7. How cute!!

    Also, love your Anthro skirt. :)

  8. I swear this little tale made my eyes well up with tears aw well! Little maaan!!!

    Well, this is the story to tell the girls he brings home senior year :)

  9. i'm ALWAYS late to the party, so sorry for commenting on old entries! just trying to catch up.

    katie, you are one brave mama! you make my heart happy. i think it's amazing how resilient little kids are and i wish it was something we could hold on to for life. wouldn't we have much thicker skin? my kids HATED trick or treating last year because they were scared. but on our way home, we asked them how they liked our outing and they both were sing songy "we love trick or treating" together! ha, love how they can look past the bad and focus on the good.

    jesse looks great. that picture of him carrying max is the sweetest. how does he feel about matt? it looks like max is a well loved little man... you can see the love pouring from both matt and jesse (and obviously YOU).

    as always, love reading you.



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