apple tree farm

going to the apple tree farm has been a tradition for me since before max was born. i would travel there with my sisters and their little ones and couldn't wait to bring max in on it once he came around. 
fall just doesn't seem to be complete without a visit there to take a hayride, eat an apple off of a tree, get lost and panic a little in the corn maze, pine over apple fritters and popcorn and root beer, or leave smelling real fine...like all the goodness of the season and fresh air and warm sugar donuts.
 this was matt's first time going..and he did real swell.
next thing to check off the fall list i forced upon him: 
pumpkin carving.


  1. I just love your photos and the whole autumn thing well... you're a gal after my own heart!

  2. growing up we went to an apple & pumpkin farm every fall... and it was SO fun. running through the orchards and finding the perfect apples for picking, and not being able to carry them all. at the end of the day, my parents would always buy us caramel apples from the farm's candy store. and then we would come home and my dad would make homemade apple butter - delicious. aahh, so many good memories!

  3. This post is adorable! i ran across your blog today and now I'm pretty much swooning over it. Now following! ;-) hehehe!


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