ghost trees, sassafras, pawpaws

this weekend we went fall festivaling with friends and my sister amy...taking a tree tour hayride and learning the proper names and back stories of some of the loveliest ohio trees. it may sound dull but it really wasn't i swear it. our guide was so passionate about the trees that it was impossible not to want to know more...or put him and his know-how in your back pocket. 
but if all else failed, at the very least you were on a hayride...
all this tree talk makes my fingers itch to start a sketch book of native trees and their leaves.
p.s. festivaling isn't a word. i made it up.
but a sassafras tree is real and true.

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  1. I am totally adding festivaling to my vocabulary. I'm going to be doing a lot of it this month. Hooray for October!


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