making a house a home

it's amazing to me how life works itself out...how it wrinkles and releases and smooths in a blink. mine, like most, moved without warning and i found myself in the way..but i'm learning. and i'm overwhelmingly thankful for the lessons. a good jostle and shake up never hurt anyone i guess. and my oh my did my life jostle. but i'm happy and i've landed firm footed on solid ground.
and all this to say, life is moving and so are we. to dayton. we're fixing up matt's little house and are moving in, fingers crossed, before december begins. fresh starts and a new life wrapped in a shiny bow.
this has been a huge heaping portion on my full plate...here's a peak...
we're raising the family room ceiling up up up...
and have conquered the wet saw and tiling the kitchen back splash...
this tiny fireplace is begging for stockings...and may or may not be the reason for our late november move. haha. we're practical like that.
i can't wait to finish this and be settled. and to bring you all along!


  1. Oh yay! What a cute little house he has! I was hoping this was the news you mentioned in your previous post. Congrats! :D

  2. i'm so happy for you! i'm wishing you a smooth move, i'm sure your new little home will be looking gorgeous in no time. i'm so glad you're starting this wonderful new journey, i think it's going to be a good one... :)

    p.s. those chairs in the last photo are heavenly.

  3. Im so happy for you guys katie!! i KNOW how amazing you are with decorating this home will be dreamy im sure!!!

  4. congrats on the upcoming move. i love the tile in the kitchen - and i've always wanted a fireplace.


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