weekend shmeekend

have you ever had one of those weekends where nothing seems to be going right...timing and thinking is all askew...and getting back in step or on time is near impossible? maybe my record was skipping...or i'm just hearing my own tune over another. (i'm known to do that...haha)
regardless, it was a jumbled up hectic kind thing that i can't seem to shake.
it was jerry garica paintings next to gilded gold christmas displays...
it was this.
and it was that.
my little jack o lantern teeth pumpkin head boy.
 and really it wasn't all shabby, but i'm allowing myself a little bit of self indulged melodrama.

the truth is i'm stuffed. i've got way too much on my plate. my figurative pants are buckling. 
(i'm trying to think of some sweatpants/ life analogy but am coming up blank. haha.)
i'm hoping things slow down soon...there is a lot of wonderful news to share! maybe tomorrow?

in the meantime, i'm resolved to make this tuesday a fine one! who's with me?


  1. I'm on board. Although, I don't think my schedule is going to slow down anytime soon. Not with the holidays right around the corner.

  2. Oh Katie, I saw a pic of you, Matt, Max and your sister on a local website from over the weekend. It was for the Beards of Charity. I will email it to you!

  3. I'm with YOU!

    Here's to finding that slow-mo butting and pushing it - twice.

  4. it should be noted that 5 minutes after i posted this i split my pants while getting dressed for work...straight, clean down the middle. split.
    i'm cursed. haha



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