my happiness

my happiness is sharing a sunrise all to myself.
it's seeing the wide outside world covered in frost that glints like some sort of temporal glitter.
it's feeling a new day warm and hot across my cold face.
it's seeing my breath leave my lips to mix it up with chilly air and remembering how me and my sisters would get in trouble for pretending our winter breath was from pretend winter cigarette smoking.
my happiness is when i'm hiding out in odd places at odd hours...like an old abandoned cemetery in the middle of a bean field at sunrise.
it's also when i feel at home in this odd place.
my happiness is knowing myself....really and truly. or at least getting a little bit closer.
and if there is one thing i know about me, it's that i'm a morning kind of girl. i like its pace.
what time of day are you at your happiest?


  1. I'm a morning girl, too. I think it's the morning lighting...soft, sweet, a little milky. In the morning, I can do anything...dream any dream, conquer any task, learn anything I desire. :)

    But...just don't catch me at 4pm. That's my worst time of day! Yuck!

    Your photos are breathtaking! :)

  2. Lovely photos...and I also use to pretend smoke with my sister :)

    I love the morning but my favourite time of the day would have to be after 9pm...everything is so quiet and still. Mornings are crazy around her especially with my older boys.

  3. So beautiful, Katie!

    My favorite time of day is that little window of time when the sun is setting and everything turns a glowing orange shade and the air is cool. I absolutely hate anything before 9am, though, unless I've had a very good night's sleep! :D

  4. this is the most beautiful post i've seen in a while. so lovely!


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