a random sunday in pictures

this past week has been a swirl and blur and mess of painting and painting and a little bit more painting. 
matt and i finally got our tiny collective business off the ground with a small showing of our collaborative art this past weekend. it has literally been a collaboration. he touches the canvas..then me...then him...then me.
i'm a "last minute" kind of lady, so a lot of our pieces were finished just a few days ago. i don't make myself feel bad for it anymore...something i know about me is that i work well under pressure. especially self-imposed pressure. haha
i'll have some pictures to show soon.
  today has been a sweet and sunny sunday..spent mostly to myself..missing my max and twiddling my weird thumbs waiting until i can scoop him up from his guy weekend so we can hold hands and gab and dish a little bit. a groundhog was roaming around our building and hiding under our parked cars yesterday, leaving me and matt trapped inside and terrified for our ankles, and i can't wait to tell max about it.
what i wore today- vintage blouse and coat/tracy feith for target skirt and target belt/simply vera tights/bocage booties from norway
and here's a humbling parting story. 
i treated myself to some terrible fast food today...and the drive thru boy told they consider me a regular there and they know my voice when i'm ordering. it was a low point in my life. haha. and i suppose i've "treated" myself more then i thought i had.
no wonder my tracy feith skirt doesn't want to button.
p.s. most of you know matt is an amazing tattoo artist. talent for days!
he has a little video interview/feature up on the so tattooed website. go see go see!
happy sunday, my loves!


  1. i loved watching/hearing matt talk! would you ever consider posting a video for us (or have you, and i've missed it)?

  2. you look adorable. and what an exciting collaboration! i bet the art you two have done together is beautiful.

    and my goodness, matt is rad! what a talent. i want to get a tattoo someday very soon... if only you guys lived in california, i would have him do it!

  3. LOVE the fonts on the business cards! Katie - I am wowed by you. It's an honor knowing you now and even more fun to remember you as a pre-schooler. :)

  4. love the cards katie!! can't wait to see your stuff:)

  5. great outfit! love it! i hope that is one of your pieces, it is BEAUTIFUL! where can i see more?


  6. Goodness he is so cute and well spoken! I've always wanted a tattoo but I can never decide on an image. Plus, I'm way too chicken.


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