be nice or leave

max's space in the new house is coming right along. 
there's still a lot i want to accomplish for him up there, but for now it's just right. the first thing max did when we brought him up to see his new room was dive on the bed and put his bare toes on the cold ceiling (something matt and i both remember doing when we were little ones). 
it's a good room. 
a happy place. a growing up kind of place.
max's dad is a fantastic artist and made these little wooden mustached animals for max last christmas.their faces are fashioned after our elementary and high school gym teacher. haha. 
jesse is working on a children's book about a boy named max and his gym teacher-mustached animal friends.
matt decided to finish off the attic space for max to use as a fort to hide away in. it has its original wood floor with the large gaps...perfect for stashing away love notes and treasures. 
with all the construction going on downstairs, max has started making sculptures out the extra bits of drywall. below is his striped "knight arm" sculpture...and he's nailed all the rest in this fort.
he's definitely making this place his own...


  1. I would love a space like this as a kid...who am I kidding, I'd LOVE it now!!

  2. This looks exactly like our upstairs! Well, minus the cuteness. I feel inspired to redo it now!

  3. Cracking UP over the gym teacher animals!

    Max's room rules the school. I love it!

  4. His room looks lovely! Is Matt magically talented at remodeling? Send him my way?

  5. this is so cute... and so very max. i love it. :)

  6. what an awesome space!! you are so talented and creative...love it!!

  7. a million "thank yous" to you all for such lovin! it means so much!


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