a love note

dear 2010, 
i will forever remember you as the year of a healing heart and a mended mind. you were a year of progress for the sake of sink of swim. move it or lose it! you kept us moving on down the road when we thought it might be easier to just lie down by the curb for a little while. i hate thinking of how much of you i wasted dragging my feet and taking little glances back at the years before you..although you didn't seem to mind.
you brought me love. oh my did you bring me love. love with a side of maturity, health, and stability.
you reminded me over and over who i'm supposed to be and you were my second chance kind of year. the most beautiful plan b.
to max you were first kisses, lost teeth, #6, new adventures hood rat'n and beat boxing and kindergartening and canoeing and shoe tying and reading real words.
you were parties for no good reason at all. kisses and smooching for days. new friends and new places to lay our head. you were life changing jobs and a brand new kind of faith.
you were not too shabby. 
not one bit.


  1. I am speechless over your letter to your splendid, bright Plan B year. Sometimes, Plan A is overrated...

  2. This is such pretty writing. (: Glad you had a good year, and cheers to a new one!~

  3. Oh sigh. That tugged my heart strings something awful. I loved it. You were right to keep your head up and right to look back just long enough to recall how well you did!
    Big, big hugs, soul friend.

  4. oh, this is lovely from all angles. the little tiles of beauty, the sweet, honest letter...i want to step into your life and twirl around.

    happy almost-2011.

  5. Love!! I'm so happy for where you are right now. :)

  6. Beautiful! A very Happy New Year to you. I hope it's full of marvelous things.

  7. i'm new here and plan to come back! i love your writing.

  8. I'm so happy for you, and it is so exciting to see how your life has been changing so much for the better, after having followed your lj for years. You are such a ray of sunshine, and you deserve the absolute best! Cheers!


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