our snow day

we busted out of this place last night and didn't look back...until our toes got a little numb and we had a board game calling our names on the living room floor.
the biggest wet snowflakes have been falling...the kind that get stuck in your eyelashes and make it hard to see. i know most people are cursing the winter weather by now, but it really is something if you give into the beauty of it a little bit.
(this coming from a girl that doesn't have to drive in it everyday)
we decided to brave the roads and go for a slow drive to the park to walk in the woods and follow footprints left by others in the snow. max rolled down the path making the funniest track. the sun peaked out and warmed our faces a bit. it was perfect. 
cold and perfect.
the night ended with a stop for pizza and hot chocolate and back home for a rousing and competitive edition of the clemmer/stratton/blair family game night. 
maybe we should go with the clettonair's?
here's a tip: i don't recommend playing a board game with people you've been snowed in with for days.
tensions were high to say the least.
gloating was involved. i think someone threw a card at me.

oh dear.
i think i'm going to sneak out of here alone today.


  1. so much beauty.

    we had an eveningful of games as well...and sorry to say i was not in top form. being stuck indoors messes with my synapses.

  2. You three have the greatest adventures. Holy moly.

  3. these pictures of you guys playing in the snow are so freakin cute!!! i wish we had snow days here so we could take some much needed breaks from the working world!


  4. You are so beautiful. What gorgeous photos you take. Your boys are magnificent, especially the one you made. ♥

  5. sweetest family in the world, it warms my heart... i want to wrap you all in a giant hug, you're just SO CUTE! :)


  6. katie, please send me some marion's pizza. that sounds so good right now. We don't have super salty pizza like that here in LA, which is a bummer. your pics make me KINDA miss ohio....but...... not that much. ;)

  7. I've been forced to hide away from catching up on the blogging world. I missed you terribly today and had to come find you.
    All this snowing in business is too much! And someone threw a card at you! I giggled for minutes.
    I miss you. Possible? I say yes. ;)

  8. cutest snow pictures ever. and ha - i totally know the feeling. the hubs was a little sad yesterday that i beat him at his favorite game (phase 10). i can't wait for warmer weather so we can do more things outside


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