surviving cabin fever

two snow days off school in a row calls for drastic measures to insure the sanity of a little man and a mama. 
around here it's spending the day in my bed.
max and i have match-gamed and sponge bob-ed and book-read and video gamed (lego harry potter whaaa!!) there most of the afternoon.
there is something magical and replenishing about a mama's bed.
and here's a sweet story.
i ran across and fell in love with a illustration i found on several blogs. it was a phone wallpaper made for the to resolve project. i emailed the designer, rich, to see if it was available in a print for max's room.
he wrote me back that he hadn't planned on making prints but would gladly send me a high res file of the illustration to print myself. he even added crop marks and all.
i love love love the concept behind this design. 
and now i love love love rich arnold for his graciousness.
what a swell guy!

happy groundhog day, friends!
punxsutawney phil made my cabin-fevered day with his early spring prediction.


  1. We've been playing Lego HP too! (Me and a the husband, that is. The baby is a little too young)

  2. that is quite the message on that print. i wonder if their is a grandmother version. my grandma's are definitely two of my favorite people. ever.

    i am also loving how much you've turned this house into a home within the 2 months you've been there! well done mama! <3

  3. looks like you guys had an amazing day!
    stay warm. <3

  4. That print rocks my socks off! Isn't it great to see that generosity isn't high-tailing it out of town, after all?

    Your day looks ever more serene than mine. I need to bust loose tomorrow. Come Hell or High Snows.

  5. Oh that print IS awesome! P.S. Have you tried the Lego Indiana Jones? It's so fun! Those are my favorite games and the O.G. Zelda Windwaker... just sayin'!

  6. Just found your blog yesterday. The snow in Ohio comment caught my eye and then when I went back to some of your back posts I recognized Dayton. I am just up the road in Piqua. You have a lovely blog. Enjoy these days. It can be wonderful when you are snowed in with someone you love.

  7. cabin fever over here too. and that print = perfect. wish i had a son to give it to!

  8. You would probably love this guy;s stuff http://www.dinerstate.net/

  9. Your house is truly a Home. You really have an eye for making things tasty. And I love your Rich Arnold story...what a simple and sweet idea. Grandpas RULE!

  10. Oh wow. That print is incredible.


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