salvation. army.

i got to do two of my favorite things yesterday...treasure hunt and be with my sister amy.
i was in my glory...raiding color coordinated racks at the salvation army and giggling and being silly with my gal. things tend to get a little wacky after staring and sorting through oddities for a few hours.
mondays are fill a huge bag up for $10 day ( i think that's the official title..haha)...and i'm addicted. we scored some beautiful vintage pieces, all for under .50 each.
yes please!
matt is getting a little nervous about his side of the closet every time i bring home more thrifted goods.
maybe it's time to open a little etsy to give good homes to some of my finds....
( and now that i'm looking at it, why didn't i buy that flapper girl/art nouveau polyester blouse? haha)


  1. Oh, how i love thrift stores. (and sisters!) You would make a great Etsy sales-lady.

  2. Hi there! I found your blog from Jane Boston's blog roll.

    1. I also love the thrift store oh-so-much. Vintage baby clothes tend to take over my apartment and I have been thinking about selling them on etsy, too.

    2. I LOVE your oxford shoes. I've been looking for something just like that. Are they vintage/thrift? What kind are they?

  3. maren, i wonder if there is a place where we could collectively sell our stuff? i think there was a place kind of like that on livejournal, once upon a time.
    and the oxfords are from forever 21! brand new and cheap. haha. i just looked at their website and they have a few different cute oxford styles.

  4. oh yes treasure hunting is truly the best...well one of the best things :D i get to go to the flea market on sunday and i am so excited! it is only once a month so it is always a big event!!

    the mister's side of the closet is getting nuts! he has been very lucky at the treasure hunting lately and needs to go through some stuff!


  5. i love thrifting!
    best thing in the world.
    that first picture in my favorite!

  6. marissa! i will brave the icy roads tomorrow to rescue our blouse to mail it your way. haha. it would undoubtedly be the best thing you ever received in the mail.

  7. FILL a bag for $10???? Ah...JEALOUS.

    My shop does half off all tags, but I like fill a bag better...sounds like you did well...


  8. why didn't you and
    why don't you?

    buy the blouse
    start the shop
    that is


  9. Start the shop! Would be amazing.
    Thrifting with sisters=♥♥♥


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