sniffles and spring fever

our president's day has been covered in rain and scattered with cold.
the perfect day for warm morning baths and hair washing.

we stayed in all weekend trying to mend our sick bodies, which is a dangerous thing for me this time of year. i rearranged and scooted and dusted and plotted all weekend. nowhere in the house was safe.
when i catch spring fever, i catch it terribly. 
(and it always leads to me either cutting short bangs or doing a large and involved project around the house)
 today it's a house project in our hallway. 
(tomorrow might be the bangs)
i've had my eye on this birch wallpaper from cole and son to put in the hallway for some time now. but at $200 a roll, even for our tiny space, i couldn't bring myself to do it.
yesterday i got the gumption to just paint it on ourselves...and i roped matt in on sketching duty.
even just a few trees in, we're completely in love. 
despite the hours it's taking to finish them in the stippled/ink look from the wallpaper.
 i cleaned out my office too for the occasion! 
more pictures when i get everything hung up and presentable.
i'm going to take advantage of the poor weather today to finish the hallway.
fingers crossed!
i've already had to take too many breaks to wipe max's nose. haha. oh well.
happy president's day, loves!
if anyone is hunting for something festive to do, here's a link to heidi's presidential figurines.
so funny and perfect.


  1. Holy Moly, I love the trees! Bravo.
    I can't wait to see the short bangs. :D

  2. Splendid! Katie, you and Matt did an incredible job on the trees. Dare I say it looks better than the wallpaper? PS: Why does wallpaper have to be so expensive?! Hrmpf. I've had my eye on that roll as well, but I am cheap.

  3. omg..your trees are amazing.
    they look absolulty stunning.
    better than the wallpaper hands down.

  4. The trees look soooo nice, wowie!
    I love your decorating sense so much! Your house is charming.

  5. Your house is dreamy and those trees are to die for....fantastic job.

  6. OMG! I also have my eye on the pricey Cole and Son wallpaper (although being in the UK it's probably slightly less expensive for me) but who cares...what you've done is nothing short of amazing! It's simply gorgeous, beautiful, stunning. Lucky you to have the talents to create such a beautiful home.
    B x

  7. those trees are so incredibly beautiful. And how much more special is it that they are your personal works of art! Gorgeous.

    So sorry that you're under the weather, I've been sick for a week too, I went stir crazy and lightened the lower half of my hair! That's what happens...

  8. Katie, you never cease to amaze me at your home decorating skills!!!
    adrienne K.

  9. are you serious?! the painting/drawing is so perfect... i've always loved that wallpaper but yes it's so expensive. and yep, yours is even better! wow.

  10. those trees are incredible. (please stop on over the next time you are struck with spring fever. wow.)

  11. agh! Katie. I love it. Can you please paint trees for me and Isaac? You know, they're my favorite!

  12. stumbled on your blog somehow, just have to say: those trees are incredible. better than the wallpaper. great job!

  13. Really?! totally adore the trees! Oh and the red balloon is quite a perfect touch! If you could just visit AZ then my walls could have a possible burst of life! :)

  14. katie.
    as always you are awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome.

    i'd like to send you a gift. a little piece of color for your office book case. throw me your new address dahling.

    xo. Erika

  15. saw your "wallpaper" on AT. amazing! beautiful home.

  16. Saw your tree wall on Apartment Therapy. So impressed!

    * Julia

  17. Just came here from Apartment Therapy. What an amazing work you have done. The wall is brilliant and looks so much better than the wallpaper because it is more personal!

  18. Wow. I am wildly impressed. I wish I had that artistic skill - or someone hanging around my house who did! Well done!

  19. Sooooooo jealous. Beautiful! I don't think I have the patiense to take on this DIY myself. I've been dying for the right room to use the Woods wallpaper in, but I haven't been able to justify purchasing even one roll yet.

  20. Wonderful job! What size, type of marker did you use? I want to try this!

  21. Oh this is just gorgeous...I would love to DIY, but I don't have the artist's touch. It looks beautiful, Katie.


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